Andrew Hagolan revealed the secret of extreme weight loss

Андрей Гайдулян раскрыл тайну экстремального похудения
The actor after his ex-wife much changed.

Andrew Hagolan

Photo: @Instagram gaydulyan Andrew Giulana

Andrew Hagolan get rid of excess weight. The actor leads a fairly active life in social networks, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that he told his followers the truth about how thin. The star of the show “I” recognizes that the process weight loss was not rapid and demanded physical effort. As it turned out, being on the set in Los Angeles, Hagolan met with the coach who managed in the right way “to straighten” him out. Tips overseas specialist inspired Russian actor to serious work on yourself.

“Well, then, I lived to the moment when people ask me how I lost weight. Well, in short, there’s a lot, but it all started here with this man, he is more right brain, writes Andrew under the photo with the coach. — He antihero! It dwells, however, in Los Angeles, but materialized in Moscow and will hold their master classes!”

Interestingly, Hagolan not so long ago opened his own pizzeria. According to the actor, the business is not caused damage to his body. Moreover, through its activities, Andrei found that you can lose weight on pizza.

We will remind that last autumn it became known that Hagolan divorced with his wife Diana. After breaking up the ex-wife of Andrew, too much has changed: she has lost over 15 pounds. She really managed to do it without the help of Hollywood trainers or special pizza. Diana refused starchy foods, sweet and roasted, as well as significantly reduced portions.