Son Yegor Konchalovsky is increasing its copy

Сын Егора Кончаловского растет его копией
The Director showed a photo from the first day of the birth of Timur.

Egor Konchalovsky with his son Timur

Photo one year old baby published by his father Yegor Konchalovsky took fans
Director a lot of positive emotions. “How beautiful! Pretty! And dad
as similar, just a copy!” — they left comments under the picture. Also fans
congratulated the happy father with his first son’s birthday, after all, a memorable picture
was made when the boy was just a year old.

In the world of cinema the Director is known as one of the best fathers. Any free
minute Egor tries to spend time with their children: son, and daughter Maria Mikhalkov. With Mary he had a trusting and gentle
relationship. By the way, she is the godmother of Timur. The baptism of a baby was when he was four months. “We have a huge feast. We
today christened the son of Timur and Masha’s godmother. So now our
Timur (Orthodoxy George) — a true Christian!” commented
event Konchalovsky.

By the way,
despite the birth of a son, he is in no hurry to marry him
mother Mary Leonova, although not exclude that perhaps in the future will make her
offer. “For me she’s young. We’ve been together a few months. We have
now buketnogo period, the candy I eat. By name, a daughter, Masha.
Met in court, she protected me. Don’t know if I’ll make an offer, time will tell!” —
says Yegor.