Андрей Гайдулян потешался над лишним весом своей жены Ex-wife of the actor is not to know. Diana ochilova who is now studying at the theatre Institute, is literally melting away. Some fans think that a fundamental change associated with the divorce. Recall that ochilova Hagolan and went in the beginning of the year. Diana told how ex-husband influenced her transformation, developed his unique diet.

It turns out that the girl is always wanted to lose weight, but more and more this dreamed Andrew Hagolan.

“Sometimes he could be very hard to make a joke or comment on my meals, my appearance, admits ochilova. – Honestly, it’s gotten hurt. In the summer of 2017 we were in the US, where I recovered, although every morning, running, doing aerobics. Husband always motivated me on the morning run”.

Then the girl I spent a month in Tashkent to parents for the holidays. And I met a childhood friend by the name of Gago. He is a maxillofacial surgeon and beautician.

“Gago is very cool shook me up in terms of how I should look, – continues the actress. – Thanks to the words of his friend, the meal itself left by the wayside, I wanted to rethink their values.”

Ochilova actively began to exercise and monitor each meal. Diana kept struggling, although it was hard, because her mom cooks really well.

“At that point I realized the main problem is all in our head! – recognized ochilova. – If you set priority and realize that food is not the main thing, not the meaning of life, it will be easier to give up sweet and fatty. Because there are more of those “delicious” moments, as success in work, ease in the body and constant progress. Eating will just need to maintain strength, which will help to go further! I always wanted to surprise my husband and was hoping this will give us a new interest to each other, the next stage of relations, but, unfortunately, it was not enough”.

In addition, Diana has entered the theatrical Institute. The girl wanted to get into a good project, and the extra weight complicates the situation.

“I decided to change myself completely – says the girl. For a month stay in Tashkent has lost 7-8 kg, and on his return to Moscow he continued to follow the diet. Coincidentally, the sick, and the doctors prescribed a diet. Therefore, overeating has been excluded”.

For medical reasons, Diana has ruled out fatty foods and alcohol – for a month. In the end in 2.5 months she lost 14.5 kg and became a completely different person.

“From liquids drank only water, always and everywhere – on holidays, meetings with friends, study, shares the secret ochilova. – When-that for me was unthinkable in the New year or a birthday to enjoy a glass of champagne, but again, all in my head! It turned out that it is very easy. I liked it. Long time haven’t touched alcohol and I realized that to relax and have fun is possible without it.”

In order not to gain weight and to avoid breakdowns, Diana chose favorite healthy foods, thus creating the most comfortable power supply system. Menu of the actress consisted and consists of boiled beets, chicken broth and white wine grapes (cultivar “Ladies fingers”) for dessert.

“I’m making a salad with beets and vegetables, filled with pumpkin butter, added flax seeds, – says the heroine. – In the morning could soak the prunes in a classic yogurt and sprinkle with walnuts. It turned out incredibly delicious. And if you really want sweet, I took 3-4 Royal Fig and “ride it out”! No diets, had favorite foods, and that was enough to maintain strength”.

As an exception to Diane, who calls herself “mom sweet”, sometimes eat cake or chocolate. And to avoid carbohydrate starvation in the morning, allowed himself nut candy bar with raisins and adding chocolate chips.

At the moment the girl is studying in the fourth year of theatrical Institute and is in the performances. Ochilova no secret that the divorce with her husband also affected the weight loss. “Of course, the stress, anxiety and feelings for the marriage impact on appearance – confirms the actress. – Life is set in such frames, when I wanted to radically change everything and emerge victorious. Honestly, I am happy with myself, but there is a new fear. Every morning, jump up to the mirror and check that everything was in place. Never “crept”? And by the way, this is the number one problem. Have no fear, fears us eat, and we can easily come to what was afraid. This applies not only to external appearance”.