Натали: «Бесит, когда меня шантажируют» The singer told that its annoying. Natalie answered tricky questions and confessed how she manages to build relationships with her husband and sons. The actress shared the secret, why not teach foreign languages.

“StarHit” launches a new project – “in Short”, which invites the stars to complete the provocative phrase. The first member of the blitz was singer Natalie.

  • FEW people KNOW THAT at HOME I HAVE… normal rope for drying clothes. I love them and think they are much easier sorts of newfangled contraptions. When the apartment is shot, modestly clean. Also I have a special attachment for a vacuum cleaner designed to remove animal hair. Very expensive, by the way.
  • I will NEVER ALLOW MY WIFE… to wash the floors and driving with the temperature. First – not a man’s job, and the second one is unsafe.

I HATE WHEN PEOPLE… trying to blackmail me. At work or at home. This applies to both strangers and loved ones. Therefore, even when the children in a playful form start to press for a goal, to stop immediately. In fact, I’m hard to piss off.

  • IF you EVER have a DAUGHTER I will name HER… simple Russian name that is easily pronounced and has a beautiful diminutive form. How specifically, do not say – too superstitious.
  • NOT a DAY GOES by THAT I… prayed.
  • BETTER I LOOK WHEN I… smile.
  • SOMETIMES, LOOKING IN the MIRROR, I CATCH MYSELF THINKING THAT… I still do. And also “thank you to my parents for the genes,” and “without sports, it is possible to live.”
  • In MY REFRIGERATOR ARE ALWAYS… cheese, eggs, fat cottage cheese, milk.
  • IF FOR ME was to LOOK after the STRANGER, THEN I… stopped him. Do not accept this.

  • TO RAISE A SON, WHOM I WILL SAY, “OH, GOD, WHAT A MAN!” NEED… to give him two main qualities – gratitude and responsibility. In our family, five men (along with the cat), and I’m alone girl. It is important to show the boys that I was different from them. For example, a fear of heights and speak to someone senior to stand on a stepladder to get a box of mothballs. Or beg you to bring groceries from car to apartment with the words: “I’m weak and you’re strong.” In the evenings, may be asked to brew tea, explaining that so tired today.

WHEN you HEAR ON the RADIO the SONG “the WIND was BLOWING FROM the SEA”, THEN… sing the second voice. And I think: “has it Really been 20 years?”

  • IF I wasn’T a CELEBRITY, IT WORKED… the same place where worked before her career as singer in school, the teacher of initial classes.
  • NEVER FLY IN SPACE BECAUSE… very, very busy.
  • GO CRAZY, IF the SALE will DISAPPEAR FOREVER… antipyretic for babies. Moms will understand me.
  • I ALWAYS CRY, IF… you see how humiliated children. And yet – at the end of the movie “Titanic”, though looked no less than ten times. So far no one has managed to remove more poignant scenes about love than the final between the characters of DiCaprio and Winslet.

  • I CAN never bring MYSELF… to do the Laundry. This deals with the nanny. And still – to go to the fitness center, I and sports are incompatible. Also did not get to learn a foreign language, apparently, there is no need. If I had to, for instance, would master English in no time. But here’s the thing: abroad, where people come on tour, talking to me in Russian. Not destiny for me to say: “Hello, my name is Natasha!”
  • AS a TRUE BLONDE…I never laugh at jokes about them. And have a very light skin tone and don’t drive.
  • I don’T PLAY FOR OUR FOOTBALL TEAM BECAUSE… I am a true blonde.