Андрей Соколов рассказал о романах с поклонницами The actor, who is considered a sex symbol, always popular with women. Sokolov admitted that he had periods when he changed his chosen one after the other. According to the artist, in such cases it was important to leave.
Андрей Соколов рассказал о романах с поклонницами

Andrei Sokolov is remembered by the fans for his roles in such films as “Little Faith,” series “Lawyer” and “Balzac age, or All men are bast…”. The actor works in theater and film for over 20 years. Fans admire his appearance and talent. Some fans and critics called the actor a sex symbol. Man does not bother that many admire them.

“It would be foolish to beat his chest and shout: “don’t you dare call me that!” De Niro, Nicholson, Pacino, too, because sex symbols, so happy to be in this galaxy,” said Sokolov in conversation with journalists.

Andrew was always confident in his abilities, and women tried to do everything to get noticed. The actor talks openly about Hobbies, but admits that frequently fell in love.

“In forming relationships with the opposite sex all depends on you. When you’re young and wind in the head, and the brain not so much, anything can happen… It would be strange if, after looking at me you decided what happened I did not novels. Was, and thank God. Another thing, after them, it is important to disperse remaining people,” shared the actor.

Like many other stars, during the students ‘ Sokolov behaved more relaxed and sometimes even aggressive. He then studied Oriental martial arts, so could even “attach” detractors. “In 13-14 years from all the cracks were eager desire to be first, stand out by any means. But in the 19-20 years old when I entered the air force Institute of technology began to appear money, took time off to complete, especially since it was a machine, and in those days it was considered very cool. These periods in varying degrees happen to everyone,” recalls Andrew.

By the way, the falcons failed to become a family man. Relationship with model Olga, younger than him by 26 years, ended in divorce in 2015. As he told the woman that she was tired of the infidelities of the chosen one. She took her daughter Sophia. However, Olga does not prevent the actor to meet with a girl. Sokolov loves the heiress. “First, she’s not allowed to sleep, and getting up at night was the norm. Bags under the eyes – went through it like everyone else. It was difficult, but now I remember it with nostalgia. Any fatigue with my daughter was pleasant, and now that she skedit, no irritation,” shared the star in an interview with the magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.