Anastasia voiced the truth about the new lover

Анастасия Волочкова озвучила правду о новом любовнике For more than a week ago, the dancer shared the photos with a mysterious man she prefers to spend free time. Fans speculated that Anastasia has unveiled the chosen one. The star has shed light on the speculation of the public.

In early January of Anastasia has intrigued fans with photos from the mystery man. Mystery man carried out the dancer in the airport, giving her a beautiful bouquet of white roses. In addition, the celebrity published a picture taken during a romantic dinner with a lover. Anastasia and her friend looked very happy, which triggered a debate in social networks.

Fans Volochkova began to discuss her new lover. Many remembered the recent information that Anastasia has made an offer hands and hearts. Reporters contacted with a celebrity, to uncover the truth about his personal life. As it turned out, the star is in a romantic relationship with a man whose photos appeared in her microblog.

“Actually Michael, my good friend. We just fucking jealous people, over crazy commentators, writing nasty things respected people. I am often pestering questions about why I was alone… Some try to swagger over it. As soon as I show that no one and loved by men, too, there is an army of envious and dissatisfied,” – said Anastasia correspondents.

According to journalists, friend of the artist for 40 years and he is a user of online Dating sites. On one of the portals, the man wrote he is looking for girl for romantic relationship. Mikhail has “a small but steady income.” According to some, friend Anastasia Volochkova working in the hospitality industry, holding the position of Deputy commercial Director.

Judging from the ballerina in social networks, Mikhail had a good relationship with her daughter Ariadna. The man gladly spent time with the heiress of a celebrity. However, the other stars did not go with her on vacation. The ballerina flew to the Maldives without him. During a recent conversation with journalists Volochkova called on to pay more attention to personal life.

“My dear, stop living my life! Live your. My bright, amazing, free and independent. Important people to me not with a big wallet and a big heart. Favorite person gave me a holiday in the Maldives. I can’t complain, I am happy and loved by men the woman”, – quotes the artist “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Earlier in the Network published the intimate pictures of Anastasia Volochkova. The star said that he is not going to make excuses. “If someone decided to use me as a weapon in their PR, God will judge him, – said the artist. – All who dominates the sex Volochkova, now you can sleep peacefully. I have it right, and those who have no sex, and he puts such pictures”.

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