Андрей Разин потерял шестнадцатилетнего сына

In the life ex-the soloist and the producer of group “Tender may” Andrei Razin was a misfortune – in his seventeenth year of life suddenly passed away, his son Alexander. The sad news shocked the public, said the current girlfriend of Andrei Natalia Grotovsky.

“Friends,we sorrow… Died the son of Andrei Razin… Sasha Razin… please Pray for the Repose of his soul..” — she wrote on his page in the social network.
Only in January of this year, the teenager was sixteen years old, but a young life cut short.. a heart attack.
“A heart attack. Was walking down the street and fall,” wrote Natalia.
Soon the terrible news was confirmed by Andrew himself. On his page in the microblog Razin published a joint photo with her son. As it turned out – last the father managed to do.
“The last photo with my son. The Kingdom of heaven Sashulya” is written under the photo Andrew.
As it turned out, the journalists, Alexander died in front of his girlfriend just in time. The pair walked, chatting about everything – school, summer plans. Suddenly Sasha felt ill, and his companion did not panic, immediately called an ambulance. Came to call the doctors two hours trying to revive him, but all attempts were in vain.
Since the death of his son Andrew is in serious condition. His son, unlike many children of celebrities, grew up with major, avoided secular parties. He lived a normal life in the capital of a teenager, interested in cars and is very well versed in them, despite their young age.
Our condolences to the families and friends of Alexander.