The debut novel of Yevgeny Kolesov “Chinese” scared of his son

Дебютный роман Евгения Колесова «Китаец» испугал его сына The presenter said “StarHit” about the debut album as a writer. The man opened some details of the storyline and shared impressions of his successor. An eight-year boy has already made a conclusion about the creation of the famous Pope.

      Дебютный роман Евгения Колесова «Китаец» испугал его сына

      The book of Yevgeny Kolesov, the presenter of the program “Opening of China” to “First channel”, appeared in stores two weeks ago with a circulation of 3 thousand copies, which is completely sold out.

      “Maybe it’s not the greatest figure, says 36-year-old Eugene “StarHit”. – But I’m not Daria Dontsova… a novel from 2012 to 2016. The protagonist of the book is a loving home a young scout Alexey Nazarov. He is a graduate of the chemistry Department in Harbin, fluent in Chinese and English. It recruits military intelligence of Russia, and life changes. The adventures of Alex I will tell in three books, is now writing the second.

      In the second part of the novel I describe how I met Bruce Lee and Mao Zedong. It happened in 2001 in Hainan, I was walking along the sea, when suddenly coming toward me the politician with the actor. First thought I was crazy. He ran into the hotel, told the receptionist and he told me: “All right, now even Jackie Chan will drive”. Oka turned in my hotel held a competition of doubles of famous people. In the novel I described, if it happened to Nazarov.

      Дебютный роман Евгения Колесова «Китаец» испугал его сынаDo not consider the book as a source of income. I wouldn’t mind to be read by Timur Bekmambetov and directed the blockbuster, but most importantly, she has hooked readers. I write every day people that they love reading. But most of all I remember the impression of the novel 8-year-old son proud. Having studied the first few pages, he said, “Dad, the book is very scary, without you I will not read”.