Cristiano Ronaldo will once again be a father!

Криштиану Роналду снова станет отцом!
Soon will be born twin sons of the famous football player.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his son

Photo: @cristiano Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo loves to spring surprises. Yesterday fans of Ronaldo was stunned by the unexpected
news: it became known that Cristiano will once again be a father. According
very soon the light will be his sons-twins.

The news
told the reporter of the publication one of the friends of Ronaldo. As told by buddy
player for Cristiano carries a certain woman, who lives in
America. As told friends of Ronaldo as soon as children are born, they
will be delivered to Spain where I will live with him in his house in Madrid
the estimated 5, 7 million euros.

told mate Ronaldo, the footballer decided it was time to give the brothers
his only son, Cristiano Junior.
The boy was born seven years ago,
and his birth was shrouded in mystery. Ronaldo still manages
to hide the name of the mother of his eldest son. According to rumors, Cristiano Jr.
gave birth to a kind of American, where the player has paid for the fact that she refused
their parental rights, 10 million euros.

As for
the Ronaldo, he is currently Dating a beautiful model Gina
Rodriguez. She was the first girlfriend since his romance with Irina Shayk, lasted
with Cristiano for more than a couple months. The first time Ronaldo and Gina were seen together
in November last year at Disneyland in Paris. And in January he for the first time
went out with her on the red carpet, appearing with Rodriguez and his son Cristiano
in Zurich, the ceremony of awarding the FIFA Football Awards. Gina — model working on the model house of Gucci.
By the way, some of the fans felt that they are experiencing “Groundhog day”:
Ronaldo again spun long affair with the model at the time, as a surrogate
mother bears him children… Because Cristiano Jr. was born as
once in a while, when Ronaldo met with the Shake.