Андрей Черкасов похвастался новой избранницей Party “House-2” boasted the virtues of the beloved. Andrei Cherkasov after breaking up with Victoria romanet announced the search of a new passion, and even proposed a number of requirements to consider for a girl who wants to make him a pair.

      Андрей Черкасов похвастался новой избранницей

      Not so long ago, fans of the reality show “Dom-2” watched as the relations Andrei Cherkasov and Victoria romanet. The eyes of the audience were violent fights and passionate reconciliation of the couple. Despite numerous attempts to reach the registry office, Victoria and Andrew did not manage to create a strong family.

      Now, the participant “House-2” is trying to build happiness with a new girlfriend, Stella Moneypool. Cherkasov first came out with the girl at the contest “Miss Russia”, which organized his colleagues in a reality show. Now, however, he decided to bring the chosen one to the project “House-2” under the eye of numerous cameras to try to build a real sincere love.

      Andrei Cherkasov brought to light a new love

      Andrey could not hold back the joy from some of the advantages of his new lady, and decided to tell the public.

      “Stellochka I have a very modest. Not drinking, not Smoking, everything is real, does not swear obscenities. Everything I wanted, everything I was looking for,” boasted the magazine.
      Андрей Черкасов похвастался новой избранницей

      Fans divided into two camps – those who supported and approved of the choice Cherkasova, as well as those who believed that it is better to Victoria he can’t do. “What a beautiful girl Andrew!”, “Andrew, show everyone what you can do to build relationships!”, – glad followers.

      “Andrew just look at you and I think that it’s not yours. Some of you are very different”, “wick better than all of yours”, “Dear, Victoria can’t compare with one of your beloved. Take it back”, – expressed his opinion of the fans Cherkasova.

      Andrei Cherkasov does not regret the breakup with Victoria romanet

      Not long ago, Andrew did not seek to devote outsiders in their personal lives, apparently, in order not to scare off budding relationship with Stella. Interestingly, when searching for lady Cherkasov even made a portrait of a girl who could attract his attention.

      “Loyalty, love of sports and the presence of the elastic priests are necessary, don’t even come to me without it. I play sports and in his thirty-four give a head start over twenty years, the jerks who are with us on the project. Thrift. I’m leaving for work, have to be sure that my children crawl on the floor, and when they are hungry, they are given tasty and healthy food”, – said the participant of “House-2”. Apparently, Stella possesses all these virtues, and therefore, can be a wonderful couple’s discerning man.

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