Солисты «Инь-Ян» объяснили, почему дали дочери еврейское имя Artem Ivanov insisted that the heir called it Myrrh. Members of the group “Yin-Yang” eighteen months ago became parents of a charming baby. Artists help each other and not attract outsiders to the care of the child.

      Солисты «Инь-Ян» объяснили, почему дали дочери еврейское имя

      The second of may, the soloist of group “Yin-Yang” Tatiana Bogacheva first became a mother. Her lover, a bandmate Artem Ivanov, the singer gave birth to a daughter. That the couple are having a girl, the artists learned still at a relatively early period of pregnancy Tatiana. Graduates “Factories of stars-7” had enough time to decide what name to choose for the unborn child. Artem had his own idea how to name the successor.

      “Yes, the right to choose a name for my daughter I pressed unconditionally. For me it was very important to her name, I haven’t been associated. I discovered a list of Jewish names and chose the one that like best. That day when we learned that it was a girl, I came and said, “Daughter be called Myrrh. Tanya first took offense,” – said Artem.
      Солисты «Инь-Ян» объяснили, почему дали дочери еврейское имя

      But Tatyana did not immediately accept the idea of the beloved. Bogacheva admits that he was ready to consider other variants of the name for a firstborn. However, the choice of the singer was adamant and insisted. He managed to convince his beloved that name should call their common daughter.

      “She has Jewish roots. It’s complicated, but they are. Somehow it always seemed to me that my daughter has to be a Jewish name,” admitted the graduate of “star Factory 7”.

      Солисты «Инь-Ян» объяснили, почему дали дочери еврейское имя

      Tatiana told me that was very worried before the birth. And the fact that Mirra was born a little later than scheduled, Bogacheva connects her fears to become a mother. Moreover, until the eighth month, the singer was out on maternity leave and continued to perform on stage. But during pregnancy, the artist created a special environment for her to feel as comfortable as possible.

      Now the couple is enjoying the happiness of being parents, but about the methods of education of girls still do not think. Tatiana appreciates the fact that Artyom is constantly helping her in caring for her daughter, and unlike many celebrities who once hired helpers, a pair of copes on their own.

      “Yet we’re afraid to hire a babysitter. I can not imagine how such a small child to trust a stranger. A couple of weeks, came grandmother, my mother, and so we handle it ourselves,” – said Tatiana in an interview with “OK”.

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