И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе The project “HOUSE-2” many condemn, but to deny the fact that the show has helped a number of lonely hearts to find each other and find love is impossible. Each story is an answer to skeptics, demanding the immediate closure of the program.
И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Show “DOM-2” was always accompanied by a train of scandals. The project exists since 2004 and during this time the participants had become hundreds of young boys and girls. Each of them came to the place of execution for love but keep feeling it was possible not to all.

Most couples broke up almost immediately after the cries of “we happy”, and they went beyond the perimeter. However, there are pleasant exceptions.

“StarHit” decided to recall the lovers, whose example still inspires fans of the reality show.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Perhaps the most famous and strong couple in the history of the TV project “DOM-2”. 21-year-old Daria is not recognised 23-summer Sergey the perfect man. For some time she tried to build a relationship with Andrei Cherkasov and even Rustam Solntsev. But in the end it Pynzar could make the girl happy. 5 may 2010 they were married, and 23 July 2011 was born the firstborn pair — Artem.

Now Sergey and Daria are the epitome of the perfect family. They have two sons (David Jr. was born in may 2016), as well as holding joint business and support each other.

The star couple recently moved to Turkey. There they not only relax on the beach, but also equips family nest in a small cottage on the beach. Pinzari so fond of Sunny country that even the eldest son wanted to give to the local school.

About their relationship, they often say, not getting tired to mention how lucky they are to find true love on a project where the intrigues and scandals haunting the participants at every step.

“Many eyes around us, a lot of opinions and a lot of people, but we know what we like really, and how much we love each other,” — wrote recently in his Dasha.
И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Of course, the rumors about the breakup guys appear regularly, but they never found confirmation. Still the lovers have been together for 11 years, and during that time they managed to get used to the flaws and traits of each other.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

33-year-old Evgeny Kuzin — a real legend of the “House-2”. He came to the project so many times that fans even doubted whether a ladies ‘ man ever to build a long term relationship. At least his first marriage with Margarita Agibalova lasted only a couple of years, and the son Mitya could not save the family.

However, everything changed when in 2014 the “House-2” appeared 19-summer Sasha Artemova. The girl instantly subdued Cousin, and even ten-year age difference did not prevent them to make love.

In the end the star couple won the competition “Wedding in a million” and went to the perimeter. Due to the fact that Sasha was a citizen of Ukraine, the ceremony of marriage was constantly postponed. Among fans increasingly began to sound the gossip about the fictitious nature of relationship Cousin and Artemov. Supposedly, this is why they again and again carry the triumph.

И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Who knows what would have ended this story if not on November 24 held a Grand ceremony. The boys officially became husband and wife two days before, but chic holiday rolled immediately. According to Sasha, she had in an emergency mode to prepare for the celebration, don’t they organize a wedding until the end of the year, won a million would have gone to another couple.

Wedding Sasha Evgeny Artemov and Cousin. PHOTO. VIDEO

At the feast, walked more than sixty guests, and the wedding dress cost the bride about half a million rubles. Apparently, spending was not in vain, because the couple is still together. Recently often appear on the news and pregnant Sasha. She also 23-year-old star is in no hurry to give his Cousin another heir. While the lovers are enjoying each other’s company, not only traveling, but working together.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

If Margarita Agibalova was not able to build a happy relationship on the project, her sister is much more fortunate. Olga met at the “House-2” future husband Elijah. At first the couple was not stable — they often quarreled, and sometimes talked about the breakup, but this did not prevent them to play the long-awaited wedding on September 21, 2011. A few years later the lovers had a son, Cyril.

In recent months, fans often discuss a second pregnancy Olga. The fact that some of the pictures 31-year-old Gazhienko noticeable rounded tummy. The girl on this occasion expressed a rather categorical.

“Very often began to write that we got the second. Believe that good thoughts, but still think this is a very serious and personal question. To give birth to us, nurture us, provide for us, too, and therefore be solved only by us. And the word “time” I do not understand. Who decides when, to whom and what time?! And, if someone does not know what the real way of conceiving a child of a particular sex had not yet been invented. Therefore, at least strange to say that we have the girl,” previously shared thoughts, Olga.
И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Couple quite often puts pictures of, but prefers not to allow fans to his personal life. Wife can not stand the conflict to the public and maybe that’s why their relationship is still so strong.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

It is now Tigran and Julia are considered to be one of the strongest pairs of the project, and back in 2011 there were no signs of such an outcome. The couple spun a whirlwind romance on the TV project “DOM-2”, and six months later the girl announced pregnancy.

Shocked Tigran refused to recognize the child even left the telestroke. However, after a few weeks he returned, in December of 2011 to get married with his chosen.

Julia Alibekova accused her husband of infidelity with her sister

И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Now the couple has two sons — six-year-old Roland and three Eldar. A few months ago it became known that Julia again is in an interesting position. Now the whole family resting on the sea, trying to prepare for the meeting with the future baby. Fans are sure that Salibekov dream of a daughter and the birth of a girl will further strengthen their relationship.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Charming blonde came for the TV project “DOM-2” in the spring of 2015, instantly conquered the greater part of the male population of the Clearing. Despite the bright appearance and natural sociability, Tata quite a long time was not possible to build love.

This continued until her meeting with Valery Blumenkranz. Not to say that love relationships were stable. Still, quarrels and breakups have occurred regularly, but any conflict eventually ended in a passionate reconciliation.

Certain problems in the relations of lovers emerged and due to the fact that the “DOM-2” came the girl’s mother Marina Christianovna. To communicate with the future mother-in-law Valerie was not easy, but in the end it could not be a barrier to marriage.

26 April 2017, the lovers finally got married. At the time of the wedding nanny was already pregnant, and July 8, the star couple had a daughter, Beatrice.

“This is the happiest day of my life. Daughter is so beautiful, and most importantly, healthy! I’m happy. Thank you to my beloved” — shared emotions Valery.
И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Just a year after the birth of her daughter, the family Responsibility left the project. His departure from “House-2” Tata explained simply: she managed to make love, to find caring man and become a mother.

Recently, Beatrice, whom the family affectionately called Bobacka, celebrated its first birthday. In honor of the momentous event, her parents threw a party.

Fans do not get tired to admire the touching relations existing in the family Responsibility. Despite the fact that the lovers do not give reason to doubt their feelings, the rumors about the breakup Valeria and Tats appear regularly. however, they do not react to them.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

31-year-old Olga Rapunzel is one of the most controversial participants of the TV project “DOM-2”. The girl has a dubious reputation, for the sake of a decent income she was willing to go to great lengths. So, the star of the show for a long time worked as a web model in private video, showing men my body in all its glory.

However, the tarnished reputation did not prevent Olga to find a soul mate. After a rigged marriage with Nikolay Dolzhansky, which was recognized as a sham, she met Dmitri Dmitrenko.

Lovers often throw a hissy fit, but still decided to throw a gorgeous wedding, which took place on 17 June 2017. After the honeymoon in the United Arab Emirates Olga and Dmitry left the project.

That’s just outside the perimeter of their relationship was not the best way. After just three months after the wedding, Olga said that filing for divorce due to infidelity and beatings by a spouse.

“He’s handsy, foul language. I am the mother of his child. I wanted this family complete. I loved him, forgave him everything. Then the other day my God has led you to look at his phone. He was unemployed for two months. “We are together, we will succeed”, I said. I open the phone, and there is correspondence with six girls. I’m going to file for divorce, otherwise I will not be able to bear a child,” he told fans of Olga at the end of September.
И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

The girl returned to the project, where they tried to find a new father for their unborn child, and after some time on the “DOM-2” came and Dmitry. Having repented, the young man was able to beg his wife’s forgiveness and prevent the divorce.

April 1, the lovers had a daughter. Despite their inherent honesty, the new parents chose to hide the name of the girl, and her face. Only a few days ago Rapunzel has posted the first photo of the baby, saying that her name is Vasilisa.

Olga Rapunzel for the first time showed a three-month daughter

Now Olga and Dmitry are still on the project. Their relationship was long-awaited reunion, and past conflicts lovers try not to remember. Now Rapunzel is focused on the problems in the relationship of a younger sister Alena, who also soon will become a mother.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

One of the main seducers of the TV project “DOM-2” was first aired in January 2011. Over the next few years he managed to derestricts with many stars of the show, including Eugene Feofilaktova, Elina Kamiren and Katya Zhuzha. What the hell, one time he even tried to take care of Olga Buzova.

But in the end the heart Samsonov was able to win only Julia Maulina. They met in 2013, when Alex was 28 years old, and his new-found beloved 27. The matchmaker is in this case assumed Evgeny Kuzin.

“One day Jack’s cousin started telling me about his friend Samsonov and that I am his type. Supposedly we urgently need to meet you , and Alex is waiting for us in some restaurant. Of course, I didn’t go anywhere, and the next day I started calling himself Alex. He called again and again insisted on meeting, and after a few weeks I gave up,” said Saulina in the microblog.
И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

For Samson girl came to the project. Their romance developed rapidly, and in August 2013, Alex and Julia decided to leave the perimeter. At first, fans were skeptical, because in most cases the stars “House-2” part, once out of sight of the cameras. However, Samsonov and Saulina not only able to keep love, but also were married in December of 2015.

A few years later they had a son Myron. It seemed that the star couple acquired long-awaited happiness, but in the spring of 2018 Julia learned about the numerous infidelities of her husband.

Alexey Samsonov was accused of numerous infidelities

Shocked by the betrayal, she was planning to file for divorce, but Samsonov managed to prevent the breakup. Apparently, the couple is now in a wonderful relationship, because they regularly post pictures together, confessing to each other in love.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

This pair has literally formed the evil skeptics. Many fans thought that the 28-year-old Lisa, accustomed to luxury living, nothing to do with the 26-year-old Alexei. In addition, the girl was having problems with other participants of the show, and the perimeter she was arguing with her ex-husband over custody of their daughter. However, the feelings, despite all obstacles, broke out rapidly.

Lisa Triantafilidis: “While not suing daughter’s ex-husband, to give birth, I will not”

Examining relationship strength, the lovers decided to leave the project in March 2018. Then the haters claimed that their novel will come to naught, but this time the feelings Chichica and Triandafilidis was stronger.

A couple of weeks ago it became known that Alex introduced his beloved with parents. In an interview with “StarHit” Lisa admitted that was delighted with the trip to the land of their choice in Belarus and now plans to be friends with his relatives.

“We have become much closer. It is not just periodic visits. We think about the future. We have common plans for the business, in principle for life. We want to be together in the future, we plan to do children,” he shared Triandafilidis.
И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Fans and is sure that the star couple will soon go down the aisle. However, the questions concerning the wedding, Lisa prefers not to answer. “We do not comment. Detractors too much. We want to keep sacred to himself,” said the girl.

Now Cicic trying to maintain beloved in a dispute over custody of her daughter from her first marriage. Lisa, it sure was finally able to find the ideal man.


И мы счастливы: пары «ДОМа-2», которые до сих пор вместе

Petite blonde Natalia Varvina came to the “HOUSE-2” in 2007, and almost immediately liked by the audience. At that time she was only 24 years old, and unlike many colleagues in telestroke, she yearned to make trouble, but rather to peacefully look for love.

That’s just over four years spent on the “Dom-2”, to meet the perfect man failed. At least so thought the fans of the show. Natalia went over the perimeter in may 2011, and after a couple of years she married the General producer of the reality by Alexei Mikhailovsky.

Later it turned out that the rumors of their affair went a long time. For lady the Michael even left his first wife Vasilina. In an interview with “StarHit” the General producer of “House-2” told me that his divorce from his wife had nothing to do with a new relationship.

Natalia Varvina and Alexei Mikhailovsky: “We are going to become parents”

“Actually Yes, but the marriage came to an end — my ex wife has put all points over “i”. I listened to heart and fell in love with Natasha. It’s not a crime! If you do not live by feelings, what else? Head – boring. Although someone will say: “Man, you were 40″. Don’t see the problem, at least 60! Know did the right thing. We been together for over seven years,” shared the Mikhailovsky

The lovers were not embarrassed or rumors about their relationship or age difference of 13 years. When Alex decided to leave the post of the General producer of “House-2”, the wife supported him and also left the position of choreographer for the project.

Now Varvina and St Michael’s are absolutely happy together. Lovers prefer not to publicize his personal life, but rumored to be thinking about to have a baby.