«Она уйдет, как принцесса Диана»: брат Меган Маркл написал письмо Елизавете II Today Meghan Markle envy of many girls. What former actress was able to win the heart of one of the most eligible bachelors of the planet, Prince Harry. However, relatives of the artist are not happy marrying a Prince and seriously fear for her life.
«Она уйдет, как принцесса Диана»: брат Меган Маркл написал письмо Елизавете II

May 19, Meghan Markle became a member of the Royal family, concluding a marriage with Prince Harry. One of the heirs to the British throne doted in the beloved and performs any whim of his wife. But for Prince Megan sacrificed a successful acting career, and began to live according to the strict rules of the Royal Palace.

However, a good marriage Megan not liking a lot of her relatives. Recently brother Thomas Markle Jr. made a chilling statement that his sister can finish in exactly the same way as Princess Diana. Thomas did not confine himself to words, and sent a letter to the Elizabeth II, which confidently declared: Megan kept in the Palace as a prisoner, and she is very unhappy. Markle, Jr. was asked to let go of the sister that, in his opinion, subjected to persecution by Prince Charles and his wife.

Recently, the actress began to shun his father Thomas. Pope Duchess of Sussex has repeatedly shared with journalists his thoughts on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter. According to Markle, Megan is unhappy with the Prince, she always looks scared, which is very worrying man.

The father of Meghan Markle: “the Daughter unhappy in her marriage with Prince”

«Она уйдет, как принцесса Диана»: брат Меган Маркл написал письмо Елизавете II“In her eyes and the smile I see that she’s scared. I’ve watched over the years as she smiles. And I don’t like the way it looks now. It’s not even on duty smile, that pained smile. Maybe she just had a few difficult days. But I’m worried. I think it pushed her too hard. She had to pay a high price to marry the Prince and to marry into this family,” said Markle.

The words of the father more angry Megan, and she hastened to interrupt communication with him. This state of Affairs did not suit the half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex Samantha Markle. A woman has accused a close relative of the impending death of his father. “My father is not embarrassed by the love for his daughter! The Royal family do not mind that they are cold. You should be ashamed! If he dies because of what is happening, it will be your fault, Meg,” said Samantha.

Megan herself has not commented on such statements from relatives. In public the Duchess of Sussex looks quite happy, and fans are sure native, a former actress simply can’t deal with her popularity and success.

By the way, in the family of brother Megan recently had an unpleasant incident — he was attacked by girlfriend Darlene Blount. The girl was arrested, and on 21 July was released on bail.