And laughter and sin! Pugacheva returned Alibasova peacock

И смех, и грех! Пугачева вернула Алибасову павлина

Alla Borisovna refused the gift, presented to her by the producer of “na-na” for my birthday.

Friends and acquaintances of the Divas annually compete in ingenuity. Everyone wants to present the beloved singer birthday with a special gift. And often, because of this pursuit of originality mishaps occur. As, for example, with the present Bari Alibasov.

Birthday Pugacheva Alibasov has brought huge Indian peacock. Bari Karimovich felt that the exotic bird will be a great decoration for a country castle family Galkina-Pugachevyh. Yeah and little Harry and Lisa will be someone to play with who for the chic tail to pull.

However, in recognition Alibasov, Maxim this gift was none too pleased.

“More podlyany for our family, you could not think” – quoted Bari Galkin. — Solidarity with the owner and showed the cat Chucha, who barely caught sight of a miracle-a bird flew into the shifoner”.

Looks like Maxim was confused by the fact that peacocks are very loud creatures, capable of their frantic cries easily Wake up the kids. As a result of a present Alibasov Pugacheva with her husband refused.

“Now the peacock lives in a Moscow restaurant,” says assistant Bari Karimovich of Elena. — Alla Borisovna not able to make and leave such a gift. But the bird does not suffer. He even found a girlfriend. Will wait for the Chicks”.

Recall that this is not the first time Alibasov as a gift to a birthday party selects animals. So, last year he was presented by Anastasia Volochkova goat… What he meant by that is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure: the aforementioned goat in the end did not hurt. Gave it to the zoo!

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