Missing sister Bonnie was able to go on vacation and not to warn

Пропавшая сестра Бони могла уехать в отпуск и не предупредить

38-year-old angelina has already two weeks do not get in touch.

The family of Victoria Boni misfortune – lost her sister angelina. April 23, the woman left in one of the capital’s cinemas and has not returned. Since then, her whereabouts is not known. In touch angelina comes out. It is not even clear it reached the movie or not.

The worried mother of the woman immediately wrote a statement to law enforcement. The wanted angelina started the police. However, even two weeks later, new information has not appeared. Victoria decided to involve the search for the public. On the page sisters, the girl posted your cry for help: “angelina has not returned until now!!! Help any information!”

To date, the investigators have joined the search for the missing woman. Is working on a version that angelina could, without telling anyone, to take it out on rest to Krasnodar territory.

Version of leaving disappeared in Utrish near Anapa) confirmed by friends who talked to angelina on social networks shortly before her disappearance, writes StarHit”.

The assumption about the disappearance of sisters Boni due to family disputes while swept aside. According to native, angelina is actively kept in touch with mom. No conflict in recent times in the family occurred.

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