Купченко и Лановой: долгий путь к любви и счастью Today, the famous actress celebrates the 70th anniversary. Films with the participation of Irina Kupchenko do not descend from TV screens. The actress is known for talented performance in the film “Come see me”, “Ordinary miracle,” “the captivating Star of happiness” and many others.
Купченко и Лановой: долгий путь к любви и счастью

Irina Kupchenko was born abroad, in Vienna, where he served her father. Ira’s mother was an English teacher. The military family often had to move. However, the hometown girl was Kiev, where she fully devoted himself to art: she danced, played in theater club and even attending a course for cameramen. After school, Irina decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and entered the faculty of foreign languages in the Kiev University named after Taras Shevchenko. But after a year she realized that linguistics is not very interested in true calling – to be an actress.

Moving to Moscow was partly a result of the tragic events in the life of a future actress: first her father died, and then became grandparents. In the capital Irina’s mom adopted relatives, then it is time entrance examinations. The girl from the first time he entered the Shchukin school, where he made a strong impression on the selection Committee – for his talent and charm.

Купченко и Лановой: долгий путь к любви и счастью“I’m happy, because my life was quite successful, there is a sin to grumble. Sorry if I am, could it be otherwise? I can’t imagine what it would be otherwise. Now, if I was to do something which is alien to me, disgusted, then it would be possible to say, then it would be possible to change your destiny, and it’s not too late to make a 30 and 40 years,” shares his thoughts Irina.
Купченко и Лановой: долгий путь к любви и счастью

In his student years, Irina has been fortunate enough to work in a movie with famous Director Andrei Konchalovsky. It was a pure accident: arriving at the Studio “Mosfilm” to participate in the crowd, the girl messed up the door and… was approved at one of the main roles in the film “the noble nest”.

After graduation, Irina started to play on the stage of the Vakhtangov theatre, where he met the love of his life and… second husband Vasily Lanovoy.

They had to go through a lot before they become a couple. With her first husband, the actress met during the shooting of “Noble nest”. Her lover was an artist film – Nicholas Dvigubskaya. Passion gripped the young people immediately after the film they got married. Over time, feelings have cooled. Once madly in love Nikolai and Irina were just friends. The divorce was inevitable.

Купченко и Лановой: долгий путь к любви и счастью

The fate of Vasily Semenovich has developed even more difficult. Before meeting with Irina, he had two heavy marriage. The first ended four years after it began. Fiancee Lanovoy – actress Tatyana Samoylova – because of illness was forced to have an abortion. After this incident, the couple could not have children that Tatiana was psychologically unbearable.

Second wife of Vasily Semenovich was the actress of theatre and cinema Tamara zyablova. This marriage was destroyed by the accident, which killed at that time, the pregnant wife of the artist. Basil grieved the loss of a loved one, went headlong into work, creativity. So life journey brought him to the Vakhtangov theatre – right to meet with Kupchenko.

In 1972 Lanovoy Kupchenko and got married. And now more than 45 years they lived together, protecting your family from all kinds of adversity. In this artistic family had two children. To the choice of their names Vasily and Irina approached quite creatively. The eldest son they named in honor of the great poet Alexander Pushkin, and the younger in honor of Sergei Yesenin. The actors were good parents, however, they really didn’t want them acting dynasty continued. The boys grew up in care and attention and really, as an adult, decided not to follow in the footsteps of their parents: the elder son liking journalism, and the youngest made a choice in favor of the economy.

“Sons – a beautiful, large, the material is just divine. They are acting squeamish. We parents are very happy that they didn’t become actors. Throughout life, they are two or three times saw us on stage. We tried to actor the infection to them were not included,” – says about her family Vasily Lanovoi.
Купченко и Лановой: долгий путь к любви и счастью

It seemed that everything came together perfectly, the actors found the family happiness. But in 2013, a tragedy occurred: Vasily and Irina received the news of the death of Sergei, the youngest son. It was a shock for the couple: Irina are unable to play that day, and Basil tried to forget on stage…

Today Irina and Basil are the proud grandparents. Taking care of the family, they do not forget and about career: enjoy the game by famous artists still on the stage of the Vakhtangov theatre.