Анна Семенович девушкам: «Не бегайте за мужчинами с надписью «свободная касса» в глазах» In his birthday, the singer gave a Frank interview. In it, the artist told how to behave with the opposite sex. Sobyanin also told what mistakes single girls.

Today Anna Semenovich turned 38 years old. The artist in honor of the holiday, gave useful tips to girls. The singer explained how to behave with men. Also a celebrity shared her plans for the future: she dreams of becoming a mother of many children.

“I do believe that if people are financially successful then why not to help some soul to find a family. I want many children, but understand that she is not ready to give birth three, four. I do have it easy. One, two – Yes. But my dream is to have five! I probably would have adopted, was adopted. But this after I will experience motherhood when you have a baby. To understand how this. Always dreamed of having a big family,” said Anna.

According to the mayor, men don’t purposely look for, and then seduce.

“I believe that there are certain souls, they come to this planet, and all the meetings in advance predicted. Every man who comes into our lives for a day, the period of the holiday novel, or for a long time, appears specifically to teach something. We all teach each other,” explained the singer.

S. advised single ladies to educate ourselves. The actress said that in any case, no need to run after men.

“Start to respect yourself! When you’re internally calm, the opposite gender feels it. Men appreciate in a woman of mystery, we must first believe in yourself. And run with glowing eyes that says “free cash” – the most stupid thing you can do. I go with my friends in restaurants, movie theaters, look at the many girls who, apparently, came from other cities. For them the main thing in life is to find a wealthy and comfortable. This is the most wrong,” said the mayor.

Singer advised girls and women to travel more, to learn foreign languages, to visit the exhibition. Finally, Sobyanin stressed that life lessons are given to each person not just. “It’s just that we became better, stronger, prettier. Ceased to be evil. Everything in life is temporary, so will pass. Value yourself in any state”, – told Sobyanin in an interview with “Around the TV”.