Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will stand trial in late March

Анастасия Заворотнюк предстанет перед судом в конце марта The Bank requires from the actress of the loan. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk insisted that the hearing was held behind closed doors, but the judges decided to hear the case publicly. In 2014, the artist has borrowed a large sum of money.

      Today the Moscow Arbitration court refused Anastasia Zavorotnyuk in the proceedings for the bankruptcy closed. Despite the fact that the singer asked not to make to public discussion of details of her private life, the servants of Themis was uncompromising. A public hearing will be held on March 30.

      “My client, although he is a public figure, but the questions to be discussed relate to members of her family and private life and public activities are not related, this is unethical”, — said the representative of the actress in court.

      In 2014, it became known that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk took the credit in one of the Russian banks. However, the artist announced, the purposes for which it borrowed money. In due time the woman did not return the appropriate amount, for which representatives of financial institutions filed for her in court and partially won the case. The actress was required to pay about 540 thousand dollars. Also the favorite of millions of viewers was banned from leaving the country. However, some time later the decision was reversed, and the actress was free to visit children who are studying abroad.

      “When I have time, I’m flying to new York to Anya, he told Anastasia “StarHit”. – In April, on my birthday she had. In the morning in the fridge waiting for a collector’s bottle of champagne and a box of chocolate-covered strawberries. I woke up, stretched, think as well!”

      Two years later, the Bank has addressed in Arbitration court with the requirement to recognize Anastasia Zavorotnyuk bankrupt. Now at the end of March, the parties will again appear before the judges.

      As reports the edition “RIA Novosti”, the representative of the actress said that her client had partially repaid the loan in the amount of 600 thousand, however, the Bank somehow missed this moment in their documents. The court also asked the plaintiffs to convert the debt from foreign currency into rubles.