Рустам Солнцев составил список «упырей» «Дома-2» The rating of the showman headed ex-member of the project May Apricots. Rustam Solntsev decided to make fun of the stars “House-2”. He organized his own program on the Internet in an ironic form spoke about former colleagues.

      Рустам Солнцев составил список «упырей» «Дома-2»

      A former member of the controversial telestroke after leaving the project, not sitting idle. Rustam Solntsev can often be seen as a guest talk show on television, and he is regularly invited to conduct various activities. But the man does not stop there – soon YouTube will appear on the transfer, which will be called “TOK! CHTO?”

      In the first release of the program, its host, has always been characterized by an outstanding sense of humor, will introduce viewers to, as he puts it, “vampires” of the “House-2” for all time of existence of the project. “I understand that for many of you, all participants “Houses-2” – vampires, but I still dared to highlight the top ten hottest males stick!”– with these words the sun began the program.

      Tenth place in the ranking of Rustam is Anton Potapovich, remembered by the audience affair with Alena Vodonaevoy.

      “Anton – the goods are stale, says Solntsev. – I remember him as a narcissist of the beach, which for months was just lie in one place. A week after he was thrown from the project, he went back for his shoes, but later they were already on the Pavlovich…”

      The ninth line of the rating Solntseva is Ilya Yabbarov. “Honestly, it Krilo like, says the sun. But he too boasted that he worked as a military and police officer and then became a guard at the “House-2”, working as a warden of the “prison” of the “House-2″. This sucks!”

      Eighth place Rustam gave Evgeny Rudnev. “At first he was a good guy, says the sun. – But then became obsessed with rankings and even married Liberi Kadono. He even didn’t feel sorry for her, just to pick up on your pedestal and more like the audience…”

      In seventh place is the namesake of Rustam Gauguin Solntsev.

      “He told everyone that he’s my brother – says Rustam. But I would rather correct – rather, sister. Remember how he walked around the court in shorts – an unforgettable sight. Viewers remember him as a character, which Vlad Kadoni put on his head a pot of stool.”
      Рустам Солнцев составил список «упырей» «Дома-2»

      The sixth line of the rating belongs to Rustam Nicholas Dolzhansky. “Well, where do without DOLICA? – Rustam laughs. – Remember how he got drunk in the toilets? But really I love him very much – he’s funny and not horrible. But rather, beautiful. At least he is fun to watch. Tell him he’s a vampire, and he will rejoice. It is his style of life.”

      Fifth, according to Rustam, divided Nadezhda Ermakova and Tatiana Afrikantov. “It is a pity that Nadia did the casting Director, broadcast project, she was good, – said Rustam. She is a very funny fight with everyone and constantly chewing on your Sneakers. And now it has become boring… And Tatyana – still the same Oparina, we all remember her advice on how to wash – it was a masterpiece”.

      Fourth place Rustam gave Egor Calavino. “Came pretty such dunno, the girls loved, and then kissed some dude in the toilet – gross. Egor, congrats, you’re a vampire!” – laughing sun.

      The three “leaders” opened Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky. “I remember Stepan Menshikov saw it in Krasnodar at the concert and told me, saying, look, what a toothless monster! – fun Rustam. – And two weeks later he’s in his mad red shirt was already on the project! But as he ate the chicken, remember?”

      “Silver” rating Rustam went to Vlad kadoni. “How’d you get it? – Vampires – these are the same wizards, and Vlad is our magician. Vlad, I love you, you’re the hope of “House-2″. If not for you, the participants StuH! Kadosh, do not be offended!”

      And finally, the leader of the rating was May of Apricots. May Abrikosov: “I Think the participation in the “House-2″ creative collapse”

      “He met the best girls and went to expand their consciousness. But it didn’t work! Moreover, after six months he returned and he was given his own show, but he’s clicking it away and then began to write lampoons for all project participants”, – says Rustam.

      A program that hasn’t even seen the light already brought Rustam a lot of problems. With a showman contacted ex-member of telestroke Ilya Yabbarov, somehow found out that is in ninth place. “He promised to record a video message on this subject, here I sit, waiting,” says Solntsev.