Anastasia Volochkova has reconciled with her ex-husband at the birthday party of the daughter

Анастасия Волочкова помирилась с бывшим мужем на дне рождения дочери

Recently a famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has reconciled with her former husband Igor Vdovin. Reconciliation happened on the day of the birth of their total daughter Ariadne.


Анастасия Волочкова помирилась с бывшим мужем на дне рождения дочери

To celebrate 12 years of the girls decided at the equestrian club. Birthday Arisi gathered a lot of friends were entertained. They came up with a program to hanging out with the kids. “Mom got me the holiday I wanted!” enjoys a stellar daughter. But the main desire of Ariadne’s birthday was not a sea of gifts and chic place for a celebration, and what would dad stayed with her. Vdovin was pleased with the girl and appeared at the birthday party, which was for the pair will reconcile. Despite the fact that the man never returned to the former three million dollars, she decided not to hold a grudge and to forgive the former spouse. In a sign of reconciliation that was introduced Volochkova with her son from a previous marriage.

“She really wanted daddy to come to her feast, – says Nastya. – Shortly before his birthday we did a test. And here she is in one of the boxes where you had to paint yourself, have depicted the heart, and in it – me, myself, and dad. I’m glad he’s agreed to share her day. “

Volochkova also remembered the birth of his daughter. “Arisha I had three hours. When I was hurt a lot, Igor Ter my back. So can do only a very strong man.” says the dancer.

Анастасия Волочкова помирилась с бывшим мужем на дне рождения дочери

Star mother does not skimp on expensive gifts to his daughter. Recently, she gave Arish expensive video camera that the girl was able to record your own video blogs for Youtube. “We have it, a young blogger, shoots various aspects of their life. I found the camera, which my daughter wanted, and presented along with a tripod. The condition of the delight which she experienced when she opened the box, words can’t describe. Even said I was crazy.” says Anastasia.

Volochkova very happy that her daughter is not sick star disease. “Arish buy things in ordinary shops and uses ordinary cosmetics. Even said to me: “Mom, why are you so expensive mascara? Buy for a hundred rubles, and enjoy!” I like that she does not boast of a great name mom, but only wants to achieve for herself. Even took the pseudonym – wants you to call her Asya. “

At the feast of the mother of Ariadne said touching toast. “I really wanted you I was born, and the beginning of Volochkova. – Whatever happens in your life, please know that you have a great support – it’s me. I am grateful to God for what he created you to be! You know the value of things that are not bought and not sold for money. You’re an incredible person and I know better than I do. You bring to this world much more good. Whoever was next to me, you should always know that I’m around. And I’m stronger than any men. “