Daughter-in-law Hugh Hefner said about the last days in the mansion

Невестка Хью Хефнера рассказала о последних днях в особняке

Indonesian model Kai Hefner was married to his younger brother Hugh Hefner. Despite the grief at the death of the founder of Playboy magazine, the girl is happy that the brothers will be reunited again in heaven. She also talked about some of the traditions and the last days of Hefner in his mansion.

Невестка Хью Хефнера рассказала о последних днях в особняке

“Hef was the man who is always ready to help at a difficult moment for me, Keith and family,” says model. “He is a true legend. I respect and love this man. I always wanted to thank him for the kindness with which he welcomed me into the family and supported me. He was always so nice.” If you believe the Frank confessions of girls who played the role of “bunnies” in the Playboy mansion, with Hefner family was much kinder than them.

Kai told about routine everyday life in the mansion. The whole family had a pool party on Sundays and played games in the evenings of Tuesdays. Dinner was served at 5 PM and after every meal everyone was gathered around the TV to watch movies. Despite the glory that goes around the mansion it was common enough, at least when the whole family was assembled.

Невестка Хью Хефнера рассказала о последних днях в особняке

“Monday was fraternal day,” says Indonesian model. “You guys had dinner with 6 to , and then watched the films, black-and-white movies.”

“On Wednesday, Keith, hef and a couple of their friends spent time playing gin Rummy.”

“He had this infectious laugh,” says Kai. “He’s very charming, always friendly and laughing. He always said a toast over dinner.”

In his account on Facebook the girl left a message on the death of Hefner. “A few hours ago my favorite son in law Hugh Hefner passed away. My heart is broken into pieces. I will always be grateful for the memories that he gave me. I will really miss him. Rest in peace. I love you, hef.”

For a long time, the younger brother Hugh was an officer in Playboy and also was engaged in selection of models. Keith Hefner died on 88 year of life a year ago at his home in Beverly hills. The news Hefner himself confirmed in his Twitter account, writing: “This morning my dear brother and best friend left us. I love you, Keith. Rest in peace.” Unlike his older brother, Keith didn’t die from natural death, from cancer.

Hefner was buried in the private cemetery in the Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles, next to Marilyn Monroe. Long before his death, Hugh bought the estate for 75 thousand dollars. At 91-year life, Hefner had died of natural causes surrounded by loved ones.