Anastasia Volochkova had a confrontation with his wife deceived her driver

Анастасии Волочковой устроили очную ставку с супругой обманувшего ее водителя The dancer was found with Sophia Skirtach, the chosen one of her former employee. The woman does not agree with the accusations put forward by her husband. At the same time, Anastasia Volochkova has put forward the version that Sofia could be aware of the fraudulent plans of Alexander.
Анастасии Волочковой устроили очную ставку с супругой обманувшего ее водителя

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova continues to insist that her and other people cheated a former driver Alexander Skirtach. According to the artist, the man robbed her in a large sum of money in excess of one million rubles. Now the ex-employee is in one of the detention centers. In the program “Let them talk” was once again dealt with the confusing situation. The max transfer was the wife of Alexander Skirtach Sofia who tried to protect him.

Wife of the arrested driver Volochkova from ballerina begs forgiveness

In the Studio, the program itself Anastasia Volochkova. The actress first met the wife of Alexander Skirtach. At first, the dancer expressed the idea that Sofia is cheating the public.

“Not my fault that a crook and a crook is in jail. He deserves it. He threw other people for a very large amount of money. I hired attorneys who helped me. Honey, I see you for the first time. You’re all lying. I’m sure that you stood up for his Scam. Know you my daughter stole the money. Don’t make this personal. Sasha Skirtach by any means gaining their trust. I want you was next to him in the next cell,” asked the ballerina to his wife’s former driver.
Анастасии Волочковой устроили очную ставку с супругой обманувшего ее водителя

The dancer stressed that spent a lot of time and effort to prove his innocence. “On the other program you are on your knees, and now you sit there, so white and fluffy, and say that nothing happened and all is well… And my mom for my money? He said that mom died,” – said Anastasia.

Sofia said that he had a quarrel with her husband after the incident. “For me, this is unacceptable. I personally the money is not taken. As far as I know, it was Alexander, he returned the envelope… I can’t teach this man to live, I am not able,” said the young woman.

A friend of the family Skirtach Elena Kraeva decided to support loved ones. A woman who knows Sophia, put forward the theory that Alexander was able to her to ingratiate himself and also to deceive.

“When we come home, we can talk anything. Sometimes wives don’t know how men make money, and not ask”, says Elena.
Анастасии Волочковой устроили очную ставку с супругой обманувшего ее водителя

Presenter Dmitry Borisov recalled that recently in the Network appeared the archive intimate pictures of the famous ballerina. According to one version, they could spread Alexander Skirtach. “You know, if this photo from his phone, it’s a pathetic attempt at revenge. In my computer, which stole Skirtach, there were so many photos… thus, he stepped on my dignity. Such an archive every person has the right to store it on your computer,” said star.

In the final programme Dmitriy Borisov asked Sofia Skirtach, if she learned new information about her husband. She replied in the affirmative and said that she need time to think about the situation.

“I don’t judge on monetary issues, because I don’t know, did he take or not take, where he put them. We lived on the salary. But I apologize to you, Anastasia. He offended you and as an employer, and as a woman. I know what it is. So excuse me for him, him for me. I know he should have to apologize to you,” said Sofia.

Volochkova accepted the apology of the wife of a former driver. “You do not steal, do not commit evil, do not deceive and do not lie. Then there is no need to apologize,” said the artist. She also said that will not give the case Skirtach reverse. “He deceived many people, it is a matter of honor. I wouldn’t be me if I help him out. I will ensure that he sat a little longer,” he told the star.

Behind the scenes transfer Sofia explained to the presenter that her husband is suck up to a well-known actress. The woman believes that Alexander had an intimate relationship with Anastasia. “This gallantry may attempt flirting. He is not her format men. Why would she do that? And I need him, I love him,” said the wife of the former employee Volochkova.

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