Former lover Mitya Fomin forced him to undergo a DNA test

Бывшая любовница Мити Фомина заставила его пройти ДНК-тест Socialite Ksenia Merz said that the singer is the father of her daughter Stephanie. Woman rasskazala affair with the actor, who broke out 14 years ago. According to the Xenia after it she got pregnant.

In the Studio of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev came from a well-known socialite Ksenia Mertz. As the woman explained, she wants to repent for the sins of the past.

Ksenia told me that 14 years ago gave birth to daughter Stephanie. All these years the woman kept the secret about who the father of the girl. The successor Merz, was raised and supported her ex-husband.

“The common sin of all. I came to the conclusion that the sins we need to confess. Apparently, this wisdom has come”, – said Kseniya.

The secret birth of Stephanie decided to open the former housekeeper Merz, Suhl, in retaliation for the rude attitude of a rich housewife. The maid announced guests and experts in the Studio after the last ether in its address began to receive threats.

“After last week’s program, in which I told about Xenia the truth, I began to threaten. She cheats, she’s a cheater, she cheated on her husband. She always demanded a lot of money. And I can tell he’s not the real father of her daughter, it’s 100 percent. He is not the real father of Stephanie. I can tell who the father is. The singer Mitya Fomin,” shared Suhl.

Merz confirmed the words of the former workers. For four years she did meet with Fomin. “Yes, I have had relationships, I had an affair with him very long. Two times I just left her husband herself, and he took me back. My mother guided me always. She convinced me to go back to his wife,” said Ksenia.

Socialite remembered that met singer at a party. They almost immediately there was a sympathy that grew into a whirlwind romance for a few years. However, the woman did not plan to go to the singer.

After the recognition of Merz in the Studio of the program “really” appeared Mitya Fomin. The actor said that he had a crush on Ksenia, and even loved her. The polygraph confirmed his words.

“Yes, I was in a relationship with Xenia. She was then in a civil marriage. I was at that time alone. This novel happened by mutual sympathy”, – said Fomin.

According to the artist, he could not become the father of the daughter Xenia. When Mertz became pregnant, they were not so close relationship.

Also on the transfer revealed that the socialite several times had abortions, including, and Fomin. The singer admitted he feels sorry for the unborn children.

“I guess he was not ready to raise a child. I wish I could be a father not once,” – said Fomin.

Mitya agreed to undergo a DNA test. The singer and daughter of the merc experts took biological material. Then Dmitry Shepelev announced the results. It turned out that the singer was right, he’s not the father of Stephanie.

Ksenia came to the conclusion at the end of the program, that dad of her daughter is a former spouse. She confessed in front of guests and experts in the Studio: woman regrets abortion, she was afraid to leave her husband, and therefore concealed the facts of infidelity.

“I was afraid to affect its stability. My relationship with my husband has always been difficult,” said Mertz.