Анастасия Волочкова села на шпагат на крыше лимузина The star of the ballet once again demonstrated the wonders of her stretch marks. Volochkova is on tour in Orenburg region, where she provided luxury limousine to travel to the city of Kuvandyk. She couldn’t leave without a photo of the twine.

      Анастасия Волочкова села на шпагат на крыше лимузина

      Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova this week is a tour of the cities of the Orenburg region. Most of all she was impressed by Kuvandyk, where the star was a concert. The local kids took pictures with Volochkova and gave her a huge bouquet of flowers. The actress was very touched by this attitude of fans to the person and thanking everyone for the warm welcome.

      After the official part of the visit, the local authorities have prepared for Anastasia program in the popular resort of Kuvandyk, where the star delivered a long white limousine. But the most pleasant surprise for the women was the steam room, where Volochkova could relieve stress.

      “Respecting my professional attitude to the art of the Russian sauna bathing, it’s not only flooded the bath, so I can recover strength, but also prepared two fresh broom, collected today from the cut-off twigs of the birch, growing on the territory of the complex”, – shared his impressions of a ballerina by posting in the microblog the photo of the bath. Subscribers noted that Anastasia appeared in the picture again without any clothes, covering the body with the birch twigs.

      But more noise in the Network caused a frame with Anastasia Volochkova, who sits in the splits on the roof of the limousine, provided to her for travelling around the area.

      “I went to Mednogorsk. Today’s our concert. My legs, of course, not as long as this limousine. But all the same”, – has signed a frame ballerina.
      Анастасия Волочкова села на шпагат на крыше лимузина

      In the comments the users of social network began to speculate, what will Anastasia choose next time to demonstrate their stretching. Volochkova herself admits that there is life and rest without twine. “I think I’m in the splits – live! Maintaining the stretch, gained many years of daily hours of labor. No matter what anyone said, but I know that it’s cool. My splits you can delight or annoy. But try it for yourself. And realize that it’s not easy. And his achievements I really cherish,” wrote Anastasia about a week ago, in his microblog. Anastasia Volochkova was justified for the erotic splits

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