Юлия Барановская называет поведение Аршавина капризами ребенка The mother of three children player does not understand his actions. Julia Baranovskaya will not interfere in the relations of Andrey Arshavin with his heirs, which the Pope had not seen for a long time.

      Юлия Барановская называет поведение Аршавина капризами ребенка

      Yulia Baranovskaya for three years, raising children alone. Civil marriage presenter with football player Andrey Arshavin broke up in 2012. The court ordered the athlete to pay child support for three children, however to get him to continue dialogue with the heirs were unable no one. And recently in a press there was an information that Andrey simply puts a spoke in the wheel of his former family.

      Baranovskaya said the children love Arshavin

      According to media reports, Arshavin did not give permission Baranovskaya on travel with children abroad. Julia managed to settle this question, and it rested with Arseny, Artem and Yana in Sunny Barcelona, but the motives of the ex-wife of her remained unclear.

      “There are acts of men, which I, thank God, did not understand. Because when you understand why people do so, then you can do it too. Very similar to baby’s… I Have neither the time nor the desire to delve into his motives. It’s a reality that I have to somehow cope. It is now, and what will happen next, I don’t know,” says Julia.

      Interestingly, the press had published a book Baranovskaya, in which she talks in detail about the history of his love with Arshavin. According to her, the good moments were more than bad. The presenter gratefully acknowledges about her ex-husband.

      “Because he doesn’t talk to me, I long ago forgave him. In the relations of Andrew with the kids will not climb. It’s his decision, his fate, with it further in life to go. He understands himself,” says Baranovskaya about Arshavin.

      Star believes that without Arshavin she would not become what he is now. It seems that Julia does not even hold a grudge against Andrew for his betrayal, which she had to endure when he left her with three children on hands.

      “His departure has become for me a serious blow, because I was not 100 percent and 300, even 500 percent certainty that we are together forever. I admit that may not be a woman… But the thought that he will leave, I have never had. I would really like to see people who live in marriage, worked on the relationship,” said Julia in an interview with “TV”.

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