The star of “the Magnificent century” is actively preparing for the wedding

Звезда «Великолепного века» активно готовится к свадьбе Meriem Uzerli will soon marry. Celebrity will seal their relationship with a businessman at the end of the summer. Star of TV series “Magnificent century” for a long time tried not to talk about your man, intriguing many fans.

      Звезда «Великолепного века» активно готовится к свадьбе

      Famous Turkish actress Meriem Uzerli, which became popular far beyond the borders of their country thanks to the TV series “Magnificent century” not long ago declassified his beloved ALPA of Ozcan. Despite the fact that more than six months, the actress and owner of the yacht club tied a romantic relationship, the lovers themselves do not hurry to let the public into their personal lives and give any comments. However, we now know that the star of the television series and the businessman will soon be married.

      The star of “the Magnificent century” has ceased to hide lover

      Ozcan made a proposal to his sweetheart, and Meriem said Yes. Then on the ring finger of beauties have a gorgeous ring. Now the lovers are preparing for the upcoming celebration. While the exact date of the marriage the couple is not reported, but it is known that the ceremony will take place in late summer.

      Now the Alp and Meriem live in a Villa of a businessman, which is located in Berlin. It is reported that the actress and the businessman have to determine exactly where the wedding will take place in Turkey or in Europe.

      Звезда «Великолепного века» активно готовится к свадьбе

      For the first time about the relationship of the actress and the businessman started talking after a couple of captured paparazzi on the exit of the restaurant. But the lovers were outraged at this invasion of privacy, but on the contrary, with pleasure posed for photographers and even answered some questions of journalists. Some claimed that Meriem tried not to talk about their relationship because of a contract she signed at the time of filming in the TV series “Queen of the night”. The star of “the Magnificent century” Meriem Uzerli risk reputation for the sake of the new man

      Apparently, Ozcan was able to get along with two-year-old daughter of a famous actress. Mary posted a picture of her beloved on a walk with her little heiress Lara. Elect Meriem looked quite happy near the daughter of his beloved woman. Baby was born from another businessman, Jana also. Some time the actress and her lover were tied a romantic relationship. However, even the pregnant actress has not led a couple to the altar. Knowing that Meriem is expecting a child, Jan refused to tie the knot, however, saying that will be directly involved in the education of the future heiress. After the birth of their daughter Uzerli gave the girl his name.

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