Анастасия Макеева активно ищет новую любовь The actress decided to make a casting of the men. Anastasia Makeeva is in the middle of April said about the separation with her husband Gleb Matveychuk. The eighth of July will be an official divorce, and two days later, being a free woman, the artist will be open to Dating.

      Анастасия Макеева активно ищет новую любовь

      The news about the divorce of actress Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveychuk appeared in mid-April. Despite the fact that the couple has decided to part ways, officially terminate the relationship the couple will eighth of July.

      Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”

      Anastasia is not going to be alone and to plunge into the profession. She is hopeful to meet the love of my life and for this ready to make a casting of the men. The possibility to conquer the heart of the beautiful will be the tenth and the tenth of July. In St. Petersburg after Makeev will play a performance, she would be prepared to consider potential suitors directly on the theater stage and may even choose one of her favorite contenders.

      According to her, the only open and complete faith in the perfect and noble man can be the tender feelings of the actress. And Makeyev are willing to wait and look for someone like that. But in order to win the heart of the artist, will have to overcome some obstacles. First and foremost, men need to send a letter of recognition to e-mail artist. Anastasia promises that the authors of the best lines will be invited to meet with her. But on a date can get only those men who will bring a bouquet of hundred red roses and tickets for a series of performances of “Onegin”.

      Apparently, Makeev wants to forget about the breakup with Gleb Matveychuk and plunge into a new relationship. While Anastasia shows how she spends time in the company of friends and Pets. Not so long ago she presented to the subscribers to the new object of her adoration is a little kitten.

      Anastasia Makeeva learning to live without a husband

      After divorce Anastasia Makeeva has decided to tell about what she is going through after the departure of a beloved person from her life in a series of workshops for women. There she will provide not only personal experience, but will also help the trainees to overcome the painful breakup of a relationship. The actress is planning to hold seminars in an exceptionally warm and friendly atmosphere.

      “For all the girls who came to me for a meeting, I’ll be right friend – promises Makeyev. – Listen, answer all questions, support and, if necessary, Pat on the head and you will regret it. Atmosphere create a warm living room with a Cup of coffee where you girls will be able to share the most secret, feeling that with them is the shoulder on which we can confidently rely. We will discuss what to do with myself: thoughts, time, how to be better. And tell about your experience of living with Gleb, as I was able to take the first steps out of the abyss of depression. Even recently I read that you need to shout into the void. And tried. During the journey on the Alpine ridge, I walked out into the field and screamed – a few minutes in a loud voice. Negative emotions flew away!”

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