Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко поженились еще раз Stars “House-2” staged a lavish ceremony on the ocean. The winners of the “Wedding million” Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko again vowed to each other in love and fidelity.

      Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко поженились еще раз

      One of the most romantic and tender of pairs of “House-2” this month has become a real family. The contestants and winners of the “Wedding million” Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko married in the city center. After the official registration of the newlyweds and their guests moved to one of the picturesque restaurants on the banks of the Moscow river. Immediately after an unforgettable celebration, the couple began their honeymoon.

      Stars “House-2” Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko went to the altar

      The guys flew to the Seychelles. There, on the ocean, they again gave each other an oath of love and fidelity. Pictures of this touching moment on Ella and Igor published on his page in Instagram.

      “Today we again told each other “Yes”… It was unforgettable, one of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches in the world… I love you,” he admitted to feelings of his beloved Igor. “You’ve made my dream come true,” she said.
      Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко поженились еще раз

      Interestingly, for the photo shoot on the beach Ella chose an unusual, graceful wedding dress. “And I just love your dress, its color, its style and originality” – shared the girl with your followers on a microblog. However, not everyone liked the selection of participants of telestroke.

      “Dress funky. On Ella looks great. However the scenery in this case better not be white, such as pale blue or peach”, “Yes, the color is not good! Against this background, it seems dirty!”, “Color, like it was never washed after the previous bride”, “Maybe color bad passed on in the photo. Well, I hope so,” wrote Sukhanova groupies.

      Recall Sukhanova and Tregubenko long before the wedding began preparations for the big day in their lives. Ella and Igor have the wedding cake, the groom’s suit and dress the bride. In addition, they arranged a romantic photo shoot before the celebration.

      “It appears, choose the suit for the wedding no better than Ella’s wedding dress: the combination of colors, buttons, cut, a million nuances. The search continues,” said Tregubenko. However, as a result wedding outfits pair were so successful that guests of the celebration then long remembered and discussed them.

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