Anastasia Kostenko talking about health problems

Анастасия Костенко заговорила о проблемах со здоровьем Model remembered an old injury. Anastasia Kostenko decided to vent to his fans. She revealed some aspects of his biography, and also told about the relatives. Fans were pleased with such revelations, his favorite.

Anastasia Kostenko has decided to please its fans a candid story about yourself. A holiday girl Dmitriy Tarasov wanted to know more about the people who are watching with interest the events of her life, but first shared the facts of his biography. Anastasia reported that she graduated from music school where he studied not only singing, playing the piano, but also choreography. After that, she enrolled in the Stavropol regional College of art in people’s choreographic creativity. Despite the injury, she decided to change her mind.

“Last year I abruptly changed my mind, decided that the ballet is closer to me, and transferred to his native Rostov, on the separation of the art of ballet (already living in me injury – damage to the capsular ligament of the left knee joint and a meniscus tear). Choreographers reacted to everything with understanding and gave a green light to graduate from one of the best schools in the South of Russia. By the way, at the state exam on folk-character dance I lost consciousness,” she admitted.

Kostenko said that doing karate, but the dream of mastering the art of martial arts had to be postponed because my mother was opposed to her daughter participated in the first sports match.

Anastasia also told in detail about her family – her parents divorced. When the mother married a second time, the girl had two sisters and a brother. But for his own father Kostenko remained sole heiress.

“I hated the question that strangers loved fervently ask the child, that is, who do I love more? Both. I have a different love for my parents, but as a percentage it’s equal! Both parents gave me enough attention, not forbidding me to communicate with each other, and I am very happy and grateful,” said the model.

Fans were happy that Anastasia is so openly talking about himself. Followers, too, did not remain in debt. Fans had the pleasure of writing some facts from his life to Kostenko knew a bit more about them.