Alla Dovlatov fears for older children

Алла Довлатова боится за старших детей From the heirs of the stars day by day more and more problems. Guys need attention of parents, but with the appearance of a fourth child to pay it becomes more difficult. Alla Dovlatov has shared with “StarHit” their fears.
Алла Довлатова боится за старших детей

Radio host Alla Dovlatova April 13, became a mother, the charming Masha. This is the fourth child star with her husband, police Colonel Alexei, she is raising a 17-year-old Dasha, a 12-year-old Pasha and 9-year-old Alexander.

“Worried now with the baby on hands to have time to pay attention to all children, – Alla shares with “StarHit”. – Dasha after two months of the exam, and we’re both terribly afraid of him. My daughter goes to tutoring, sitting behind books, but still nervous. And because you need to find the time to calm her down, cheer up… When, if there boss is a sucker of my time as he wants?”

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Son of the star also needs the support and attention of parents, because he also has his teenage problems. The young man plays sports, and lately, feels superfluous in the team. Dad and mom boy realize that they need to distract from the worries associated with a newborn daughter to be with a teenager, but is now not.

“Pasha is playing in a hockey team, “wings of the Soviets”. Son can’t always go out on the ice, sometimes you have to watch the game from the bench, and that he was worried – confessed Alla Dovlatov. I’m trying to explain to the Pasha, that not all our life is not always about winning, sometimes it is necessary to be able to look at other people’s triumphs”.
Алла Довлатова боится за старших детей

Worries with a nine-year-old heiress Alexandra is the girl feels uncomfortable in the classroom because of the age difference with classmates. Dovlatov has complained that the child lacks care and praise.

“Sashenka is also not going smoothly: she has been in musical theatre of young actor, daughter is the smallest in the group. Of course, sometimes that hurt, and she’s upset, cries, says radio host. – I even went to the head of the Studio and requested that he made sure that Sasha was comfortable in rehearsals. So excited when am I going to get everyone to listen, everyone to Pat them on the head, to hug, to give advice?..”