Анастасия Костенко подхватила вирус The model complained about the disease. Anastasia Kostenko is forced to use the inhaler and take antibiotics. Together with the girl of Dmitry Tarasov has a cold and her friend, the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Russia-2015” Sofia nikitchuk.
Анастасия Костенко подхватила вирус

Model Anastasia Kostenko decided to get in touch with the subscribers to share news of life. The girl admitted that not feeling. As it turned out, pretty cold, so lost his voice. With her is ill, her friend Sofia nikitchuk, the winner of the contest “Miss Russia-2015”.

Anastasia advised followers to dress for the weather and to take vitamins to maintain immunity. Despite the fact that Kostenko’s not feeling well, she stays optimistic, and even finds the strength to joke about disease.

“I only managed to catch the virus and for a few days to lose my voice. Although, like, not just me, even Sofia, my friend… happiness, call it better. Even goofing around, listening to their audio recordings motsepe that will create your bass group “Kripsy”. In General, dress warmly and eat more vitamins. And love, lots and lots of love. Give, take and not be greedy. Anyway, the most wonderful time for surprises”, Anastasia said.

Subscribers model advised her to quickly go on the amendment and wished all the best. “Get well”, “Nastya, not pain! You look great,” “I, too, with the same voice and temperature”, “Krasotulka”, “heal All the love and good humor,” wrote in the comments of the post Anastasia.

The girl also told fans that the antibiotics and use the inhaler. Girlfriend girls Dmitry Tarasov Sofia nikitchuk was supported by her encouraging words. “Our bass on it is something, of course!” – joked the participant of beauty contests. “Let’s call it a temporary highlight and “some craziness” replied Sophia Anastasia.

Previously, the model greeted father happy birthday and shared with children’s photography archive. Anastasia wished for a close person health and all the best. She also thanked Yaroslav Kostenko for their support.

“But you never were with me the first of September on a ruler, but you always, with acceptable error – delay – came to my performances at the Palace of culture. Thank you for what you are always part of my life. Thank you for the love and for understanding how important it is just to see each other and communicate, whatever the situation did not happen. Remember how you gave me the first phone in the third grade, so I always called you, and how we sent each other pictures of the symbols?…” asked Anastasia to the parent.