Maria Maksakova offended Ksenia Sobchak

Мария Максакова обиделась на Ксению Собчак The diva responded to the forecast the presenter, which she did a few months ago. Ksenia Sobchak suggested that Maria Maksakova, sooner or later will change the place of residence. However, the artist does not agree with the position of the journalist.
Мария Максакова обиделась на Ксению Собчак

March 23, in the center of Kiev shot the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov. The news of the death of a political figure caused a huge public outcry and provoked a heated debate on the Network. Many sympathized with the widow men, Opera singer Maria Maksakova, fallen into a swoon at the murder scene. Among those who tried to keep the singer turned TV presenter and chief editor of the periodical Ksenia Sobchak. The star shared a look at the situation, which turned out to Maria Maksakova.

According to Sobchak, an Opera singer used to live nice and bright, surrounded by many friends. Star felt that sooner or later Maria Maksakova decides to leave the place that killed her husband. Ksenia suggested that most loved performer live in Russia, so it will likely come back. For a long time Maksakova preferred not to speak about the author’s column Sobchak, but she recently broke the silence and answered the journalist.

“After her statement it’s been six months, things became clear and now I can answer her Affairs. In March, the answer was nothing. We Sobchak have long been familiar, we have a good relationship. She always gave the impression of a smart and insightful person. So I wonder why she gave such a forecast. I even doubt whether it was her personal opinion? Then I did not react to her statement. I think this is the case when you need to answer with actions and not throw words to the wind,” shared the singer.

According to Maria Maksakova, she enjoys not only the secular parties, as you would think, after hearing about the “bright” and “beautiful” life. The actress attends intellectual events, in particular, film festivals. In addition, she recently presented a children’s book.

Opera singer returned to the concert activity and pleases fans with their performances. In addition, Maksakova will teach at the National Academy of managerial staff of culture and arts. The singer says that he could return when she had nothing. “But now everything works out,” shared Maria Maksakova with the publication of “Gordon”, adding that her freedom of movement restricted because of security reasons.