Anastasia Kalmanovich was 10 years younger

Анастасия Калманович помолодела на 10 лет The famous actress announced that she decided to consult a plastic surgeon. Anastasia Kalmanovich was extremely pleased with the work famous among celebrities of specialist. She also promised to share their observations with the public.

      44-year-old actress Anastasia Kalmanovich is the owner of a spectacular appearance. Recently, the celebrity has decided to become even more beautiful and appealed to a stellar plastic surgeon Andrew Iskornev. Specialist, well known among the personalities of show business, published information about it in social networks. He thanked Anastasia for the courage and wrote that she looks great. Your post Iskornev accompanied with pictures of celebrities before and after procedures.

      “A few of my public patients permits it to publish, so thanks to Nastya Kalmanovich! You’re beautiful. For pictures – before and on the ninth day after the harmonizing of complex procedures, with all traces of the interference,” – said the surgeon.

      Users of social networks wrote Anastasia a lot of compliments. In their opinion, the actress had previously delighted the public with its beauty, and after treatment in a medical facility, she began to look just amazing. “Super”, “Very cool”, “Minus ten years”, “Girl”, “She’s always been attractive, and now all fire”, “Unreal”, “the Result is beyond praise,” was discussed on the Internet.

      As for the Anastasia Kalmanovich, she did not conceal from close his address to the plastic surgeon. The actress has published photos taken in the clinic, and promised to share personal experiences with fans and friends. “My essay-observation in the process. Soon will release”, – said Kalmanovich.

      The actress also thanked Andrew Iskornev and beloved wife of Fyodor Fomin. Apparently, the husband of a star in all her supports, and this case was not an exception. Familiar women, among whom were singer Alexander Panayotov, said that she’s really changed. “You’re unreal”, “was cool, and even cooler,” “well Done, good luck!”, “Miracles”, “Fire”, “I Admire you”, “it Will be very interesting to read your observations,” wrote in the comments to the post Kalmanovich.

      We also add that not so long ago the singer Lolita made a Frank admission about plastic. In the “live” star revealed that corrected the chin. “I decided on the transformation for the operators that became inconvenient to remove my profile. Now I can shoot from all sides,” – said the artist. Prettier Lolita showed the result of plastics