Lyudmila Maksakova regret the words about the death of son-in-law

Людмила Максакова жалеет о словах про гибель зятя Marina Yudashkin for the first time commented on the grief in the family Opera diva Maria Maksakova. The wife of the fashion designer said that the mother of the famous singer is worried about his daughter. The wife of the famous fashion designer admitted that she is very concerned about everything going on with relatives.

      Людмила Максакова жалеет о словах про гибель зятя

      Photos of the singer and ex-the Deputy from “United Russia” Maria Maksakova, who faints near the body of her husband, a former member of the Communist party faction Denis Boronenkov, circled all the world’s media. Wife of the actress shot in the center of Kiev on March 23. The horror of the situation added to the reaction mother widowed of Maria Ludmila Maksakova. “Well, thank the Lord – commented on the death Boronenkov actress. – What else to do with it? Thank you, Lord, that in the end the man who was so meanly… He’s military, his treason would be shot”.

      Maria Maksakova arrived and fainted. PHOTO. VIDEO

      Falling on the shoulders of celebrities the grief and lack of support, according to Marina Yudashkina – mother-in-law nephew of Mary, has forced a woman to withdraw into themselves.

      “I wasn’t trying to go out with her, but know her family she called, to no avail – apparently she changed her number. And those who have a new, Masha did not talk – said she needed to think, to understand… – said Marina with “StarHit”. – We are worried about her whole family. Sitting and, as all know about her news from the press.”
      Людмила Максакова жалеет о словах про гибель зятя

      Marina notes that Lyudmila Vasilyevna also worried for her daughter.

      “She is on the road, it is not in Moscow. Know that she is very worried because of the situation with interviews and publicized the phrase,” – said Yudashkin.

      According to wife of fashion designer, despite the fact that the Network was actively discussed the impossibility of returning Mary home, she still moved to Russia from Ukraine, where 39-year-old star is now with her youngest son Ivan. Older children – Ilya and People – now live in St. Petersburg with his father, crime boss Vladimir Tyurin. “It all works out, and Mary will be back”, – commented Marina.

      Return whether Maria Maksakova in Russia after the death of her husband?

      Star friends Maria Maksakova expressed her sincere condolences. “I don’t know her husband. Can’t say good or bad. I don’t know many wives who wouldn’t leave her husband. I would have done this… Killed? What do you mean. I can’t imagine… Poor, unhappy, as she had problems. I sincerely feel sorry for her. Maria’s a wonderful person, intelligent, smart,” said presenter Alla Dovlatov “StarHit”. “Promise me I’ll die in your arms” — Maria Maksakova for the first time about the deceased husband