Анастасия Калманович удивила округлившимся животиком Music producer provoked conversations about pregnancy. Kalmanovich and shared in the microblog image, which showed changes in her figure. Subscribers began to suspect that the woman is in an interesting position.

      Actress and producer Anastasiya Kalmanovich is preparing to become a mother for the third time. Decided users of the social network “Instagram”, after seeing a picture of a woman with a rounded tummy. Kalmanovich signed frame, hinting at his interesting position. “It’s time to tell the truth,” said the actress.

      Subscribers Anastasia began to congratulate her on the upcoming addition to the family, but some felt that a woman’s only kidding.

      “Congratulations! More blondes in our life!” “How lovely, when you’re waiting?”, “A big belly! I’m so happy for you!”, “So you want to be happy, but something feels divorce”, “what to Dec pictures of having a flat stomach?”, – wrote followers Nastya.

      Seeing the frame changed shape a music producer, her friend Kate Gordon also could not pass up. “As do I,” said the former contestant on “the Voice.” DJ Fedor Fomin, which Nastya has a son, jokingly asked who the father of the unborn baby.

      At the moment, Kalmanovich resting in the Dominican Republic with his family. According to the actress, each day that she spends with her son and daughter, brings her joy. “Fortunately not familiar with the subjunctive. We are Happy by definition, and certainly” – so Anastasia signed photos with children.

      Recall that a few years ago, Kalmanovich was working with a group of “Tokyo” and was produced by Zemfira. It is also known to many as the organizer of concerts of many stars of the first magnitude. Anastasia has a daughter Danielle, who was born from Shabtai Kalmanovich. The businessman died in tragic circumstances in 2009. According to some, after the trial Kalmanovich and her child became the inheritors impressive part of the state Shabtai.

      At the moment Anastasia is happily married with Fedor Fomin, they are raising a six-year-old son Tikhon.DJ shares happy pictures in social networks. Members wonder how the boy looked like his parents.