Агата Муцениеце раскрепостилась на отдыхе The actress shared a “hot” frame, which impressed her fans. Agata muceniece to enjoy a vacation in the United Arab Emirates. The actress went on a trip with her husband and two children.

      Famous actress Agatha muceniece decided to escape from chilly Moscow went on holiday in a hot country. The actress is having a great time in the United Arab Emirates along with her husband Paul Priluchny, son Timothy and daughter MIA.

      Agatha decided to show the fans the charms of figure and published a provocative photo in a bikini. The actress lifted up the camera and this angle made the.

      “Remember, you’re spamming your stupid pictures from warm. Catch my mstyu!” – wrote in the microblog muceniece.

      Fans drew attention to the outstanding form of the actress and were quick to praise her for her figure, because a mother of two children does not often indulge followers in the social network candid photos. “Figure of fire”, “Prilichnom lucky,” “Agatha, no words. Well, except to say that you’re the mother of two children. Herself as a girl,” “Agatha, you umnichka! For moms, and for girls awesome figure! And most importantly – all his own! And in our time it is rare to meet,” wrote the followers page of the actress.

      Apparently, Agatha together with your family having a great time – together they go to the beach, where you bask in the sun, swim in the pool and visiting the sights. Son Timothy, who recently turned four years old, enjoying the journey through the Eastern country and enjoy walks through the city, trying to learn as much as possible about the place in which they are located.

      In March last year, Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny became parents for the second time. The birth of a baby did not prevent the actors to take part in various projects. Last fall saw the premiere of the second season of the series “Mazhor” Priluchny in the title role. The man admitted that it is not easy to combine work and care about family. Paul Priluchny: “the Son not happy with what I’m doing”

      “Now, of course, hard for us. We are glad when there are some projects in crisis, offers not so much. When Agatha was at work, my mother comes to babysit, we have a nanny – a beautiful woman, so that children are always under supervision. I, of course, very sorry that I spend with children is not as much time as I would like,” said Paul.