Алексей Воробьев обвинил в предательстве солистку популярной группы Learned the name of the girl that broke artist. Close friends of Alexey Vorobyov’s claim that he treated it very seriously and wasn’t ready for disappointment. Now the Director and musician with his head plunged into the work, likely to forget about what happened to him.

      Алексей Воробьев обвинил в предательстве солистку популярной группы

      After many loud Romanov Alexei Vorobyov has learned to carefully hide their relationship, believing that happiness loves silence. But, apparently, in a fit of rage the artist posted in instagram, accusing his lover of betrayal.

      “This girl caused Alex pain – said, “StarHit” one of the friends of artist Max. – He flew away by shooting in the US for 4 months. Decided to surprise his beloved and returned to Moscow for 15 hours. Flew for almost a day and rushed to her, and she behaved in a way that Lesina Instagram there was this post…”

      Buzova supported Vorobiev after the betrayal of his beloved

      Fans have been guessing who got hurt the actor and Director: music Manager Nina, who often posts photos of his dog, Elvis, Anastasia Noble, which the artist considers “the daughter of the cross,” or Miss Russia Eugene Vamadeva. But it turned out to Diane from group “Dynamite”.

      “Alesha had a lot of girls, but with the tenderness he spoke only about Diana, – shares with “StarHit” Max. – The guys liked the atmosphere of mystery, they tried not to appear in public, not to get caught. Alex was very proud of these relationships, and pleasing favorite gifts and huge bouquets of roses. But what happened, they destroyed everything – they broke up not even being friends. Diana has done such a thing that Leh could not”.

      When sparrows announced to subscribers of his microblog about the betrayal of his beloved, those immediately began to figure out what it is. Soon, however, the Director and musician has made it clear he did not intend to return to this question. Alex crossed all that connected it with the girl and tried to take in the workflow. This work, the confessions of the artist, is able to pull him out of the most severe depression.

      Not so long ago it became known that Vorobyov is forced to permanently leave Russia for the sake of long filming in the series in which it was approved for one of the roles. Details of the lucrative contract, as well as the name of a popular project, Alex has been kept secret. Alexei Vorobyov: “I’m to be a father”