Anastasia had fun at the party in the company of ex-husband

Анастасия Волочкова повеселилась на вечеринке в компании бывшего мужа Ballerina chic organized a celebration in honor of the birthday of his daughter. The girl and her friends began to celebrate in the mansion Volochkova, and then went to a country club where a dinner party was organized. The Anastasia has performed for heiress song.

Anastasia often tells the fans how much motherhood changed her life. The ballerina shares the successes of her daughter Ariadne, often posts pictures with a girl. In honor of the 12th anniversary of the only heiress to the star decided to throw a massive celebration. The event began in a luxury country house artist and later a noisy group moved into the restaurant.

Anastasia devoted herself to the guest of honor a touching message shared on Instagram.

“I am a very happy mom! I wanted a little girl so long ago, and gave birth to her 12 years ago in just three hours. And the next morning drove away from the hospital and three days later started rehearsals. This is my amok run endless. But I have such vivid life, and I bring this brightness into the life of Ariadne,” said the ballerina.

On the eve of the birthday in the house for Ariadne came to her best friend Maria. On the morning of the birthday girl and her famous mom has her hair done and light makeup.

Throughout the day, Ariadna received gifts and congratulations. Many fans Volochkova was also quick to write tender words on the girl. “This is already an adult! I wish you to justify my mother’s hopes and become a successful person”, “you have a gorgeous house and a great holiday. Seen as my daughter is happy”, “Health, academic success and all the best to you, Arisha”, – expressed his feelings fans of star family.

At the country club, where Ariadne and her mother arranged a Banquet, gathered numerous friends of the birthday girl. Children were entertained, they tried on funny costumes, having fun both indoors and outdoors. The event was attended by the dad of the birthday girl Igor Vdovin son, and his ex-fiancee, Barbara Demidova with her daughter.

A little later Anastasia thanked former lover a visit. She noted that Igor for the first time in six years visited the festival of Ariadne.

Itself Volochkova decided to give her daughter the song Happy Birthday. The star sang the chorus of popular songs, and then hugged rastrovana Ariadne.

In addition to this stellar mother gave the girl an expensive video camera. Young Ariadne dreams of becoming a famous blogger, and Volochkova supports the aspirations of the daughter.

A little later Anastasia admitted that the holiday was a rich and very funny. According to the ballerina, the hero of the occasion was all excited about their own birthday.