Nelly Kobzon about marriage: “some things I closed my eyes”

Нелли Кобзон о браке: «На некоторые вещи я закрывала глаза» The wife of the artist talked about the secrets of a happy family life. According to Nelly Mikhailovna, she always obeys her husband and does so that he was surrounded by warmth and comfort. Friends marvel at how fragile the blonde managed to win the heart of Joseph Davidovich, and happy for their couple.
Нелли Кобзон о браке: «На некоторые вещи я закрывала глаза»

In September, Iosif Kobzon celebrated the 80-th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary of the famous artist of the First channel presented the film “There’s something to love and cherish”. In the picture Joseph Davidovich and his wife Nelli Mikhailovna told how they manage to live together many years in harmony and joy.

According to the wife of the artist, she had a very difficult early in the relationship. “I tried on some things to close my eyes,” admitted Nelly Mikhailovna.

Prior to that, Kobzon did not develop a relationship with women. The first wife of artist Veronika Kruglova cheated on him, so they decided to divorce. Joseph was left for her apartment.

The second serious hobby Kobzon was Lyudmila Gurchenko. After the film “carnival night” literally all Soviet men wanted to be with her. However, the relationship Gurchenko and Kobzon lasted only three years. Both artists needed to have such people who would be praised and idolized the other. Presumably, she also was jealous spouse to the fans.

“Two bright personality can’t exist side by side. Gurchenko is a terrific actress, with a strong character,” says Ilya Reznik.
Нелли Кобзон о браке: «На некоторые вещи я закрывала глаза»

In 1971, Putin has met with the student Nellie. Cute girl was able to win the favor of the artist. She always was ready to help him, to support, to feed and to take care of. She went with him on tour. A pair of friends remember that she always had a thermos of hot tea and hot plate.

Nellie M. could get along even with Lyudmila Gurchenko. Once during a meeting the woman shook hands with his former wife Kobzon. “Well, you and the patient,” said Lyudmila Markovna. The very star of the screen always unflattering comments about marriage with the singer in numerous interviews.

In 32 years Kobzon married Nellie. The wedding was gorgeous, in the best restaurant of the capital. However, the newlyweds had to live with the parents of the singer in the same apartment, as Joseph did not own property. The first month the couple lived in the house the cardiology Department of a hospital.

Only in the mid 70-ies, they managed to buy a mansion in the suburbs. Despite the fact that it cost big for those times money, Kobzon took my friends in debt and very soon became the master of this house with columns.

Нелли Кобзон о браке: «На некоторые вещи я закрывала глаза»“By the time we met, Joseph realized that his life should be. And he said to me: “I had two wives before you, we have life has not turned out, as each pulled the blanket over himself. I want to have a marriage that I realized that I was home waiting for the wife and must always be together,” admitted Nelly Kobzon.
Нелли Кобзон о браке: «На некоторые вещи я закрывала глаза»

However, in the early ‘ 80s, the couple had a serious conflict. Nelly learned that the husband had an affair on the side, and walked away from him.

“Each men and women are some Hobbies of the situation. Moreover, if a person goes on tour for 9 months out of the year. I do not condone. I don’t have any particular philosophy on this matter. On some things I turned a blind eye in the name of family and children”, – said Kobzon spouse.

Natalia and Andrei – joy to the artist. Son of Joseph Kobzon Nelli Mikhailovna works in the restaurant business, but does not like the attention of journalists. The daughter of actor now has four children, the last boy she named after my grandfather.

“Nellie spoiled them, when I came, I restored order in the family,” – says Kobzon, thinking about the education of Natasha and Andrew.

On site Kobzon is a special tree – a chestnut, which the artist has put himself. According to Nelly Mikhailovna, as soon as the trunk and the leaves start to hurt, the health of the singer is also deteriorating. In the early 2000s, Kobzon was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to the help of medical specialists and operations, as Joseph Davidovich stabilized. However, he still regularly investigated in clinics.