Анастасия Денисова стала звездой НТВ
The actress took part in a new entertainment show for the channel.

Vyacheslav Grishechkin, Daria Poverennova, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Anastasia Denisova

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Denisova took part in the new canal project
NTV”, Kinosoo”. This new signature program of the company Weit Media, devoted to year of Russian

“This show is dedicated to everything associated with our cinema
and the legendary actors — shared with 7days.ru actress. — The program involves three teams in
each of them of four. I together with Glory by Manucharova,
The Daria Poverennova and by Vyacheslav Grishechkin. We will take part in
many competitions. One of my favorite dedicated to kinoshlyagera. I have for many years
dreamed about this opportunity to sing your favorite songs from movies. This brand
my. Soon we are going to do a remake of one of legendary Soviet
movies. Prepared.”

TV presenter of the show was
Maxim Averin.

In addition to the aforesaid participants in the show can be seen: Alexander
Nose, Alexei Vorobyov, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Denis Klyaver, Irina
Medvedev, Oscar Kuchera, and many others.

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