Найди пять отличий: фанаты путают Подольскую и Стоцкую

Both red-haired, thin, high. How is it that two men, not saying a word, began to resemble each other as sisters?

Red hair color is good because not so many girls on him dare. This means that you will always remember. Perhaps partly for this reason, at the time, Natalia Podolskaya and Anastasia Stotskaya decided to paint it in this color. Still, in our show business red-haired singers, one, two and miscalculated – here they Yes, Masha Rasputina.

It would have been nice if in the pursuit of individuality girls are not trapped. Natalia and Anastasia were too similar characters: both are tall and slim, with oval faces. And if you have the same red hair (and at this point their colors are literally identical!) both girls were similar to each other as sisters. See if you can guess who’s who?

Surprisingly, even the style of both singers are quite similar! Although they are not best friends and work cross – Stotskaya recently been busy in the musical “singin’ in the rain”, and Podolsky to do baby.

How is it that girls unconsciously came to one and the same species? Netizens shocked: they have already begun to confuse the two stars. But the army of fans of each of the singers have entered into endless debate about who still mows under someone. Fans Podolsk sure Stotsky copies her style and appearance, after all, before Anastasia was not so skinny. And not so long ago the singer lost a lot of weight. Reason? What subscribers Stotsky answer: “A red hair color Natasha why? Would go like all blonde. Or wanted to take the place of the Nasty in show business? After all, she no longer sings…”

The singer had no immediate comment on their similarity. Interestingly, they noticed that were similar like two drops of water?

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