Анастасия Волочкова купается в любви неизвестного The ballerina has published a nice surprise, which was returning to Moscow. Anastasia is happy to feel loved. Celebrity loves white roses and constantly gets them in abundance.

      Анастасия Волочкова купается в любви неизвестного

      Anastasia regularly entertains his fans with half-naked pictures and erotic flexibility. However, about the personal life of the famous ballerina, virtually nothing is known. Not so long ago, Anastasia attributed the novel with businessman Andrey Kovalev. But then Volochkova denied this information, saying that with man it is associated exceptionally warm and friendly relations.

      Anastasia Volochkova again refused to marry

      Apparently, the ballerina has a new fan, who literally showering her with cute gifts. On arrival to Moscow from a tour she was struck by an unexpected gift.

      “I love pleasant surprises and attention! Fly to Moscow and, in addition to greenhouses brought me white roses from the Orenburg region, in the VIP room waiting for me a Bush of fresh roses and champagne. How wonderful to be loved” – shared his joy Anastasia.

      As evidence Volochkova has published a photo which depicted several bouquets of white roses, which she adores. On the face of the ballerina stood sincere amazement at such beauty. Fans Volochkova was intrigued, so who originally decided to Express his feelings. They were glad that a fan pays her so much attention and knows how to surprise a celebrity.

      “A lot of roses. You are worthy of them. They are as beautiful as you”, “How cool! So many colors, it’s good to be loved! From mine, except Bush of parsley from the garden, do not wait”, “Beautiful, but I feel so sorry for the flowers at this moment. I always ask for flowers in pots,” didn’t refrain from comments fans of the famous ballerina.

      This spring, Anastasia participated in a theatrical setting, where very close with his counterpart on the stage, the actor said Mahovym. Partners have appeared together not only at rehearsals, but spent free time together – walking, going to restaurants, and in the microblog actress appeared regularly fresh pictures after meeting with Sayid. She knew she can always rely on a man.

      Anastasia had an affair at work

      “Knowing that I’m paying for my ballet rehearsal, my partner in this performance rushed to the theater to support me. Do not believe it! The sadness flew away, I again wear the shoes with joy and support was not only moral but also physical!” – shared with the fans of the famous ballerina.

      Many fans were confident that between the said and Anastasia had a relationship, however, Volochkova has not confirmed a possible novel.

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