Под испанским небом: певица Ариана исполняет за границей старые хиты The star of the beginning of the two thousandth and failed to regain its former glory. Ariana lives in USA with her husband, ex-soloist of group “Tete-A-Tete” Lev Grachev. Couple restaurant business. In his spare time the singer takes the stage with local institutions.

      Под испанским небом: певица Ариана исполняет за границей старые хиты

      “Somewhere under the Spanish sky you give me my favorite flowers” – the words of this hit Ariana still sound at karaoke, although the song has more than a dozen years. About the performer of this and other famous tracks no one has heard. However, fans of Ariana from time to time can see their favorite new York institutions, where it still delights visitors of the once popular songs.

      The star of the beginning two-thousand many years living in the United States with her beloved husband, ex-soloist of group “Tete-A-Tete” Lev Grachev. The couple is engaged in restaurant business. Recently, the Lion was his birthday. Wife congratulated Grachev with a holiday in his microblog, making it clear that he had a difficult year, during which time he faced serious problems.

      “Today is the birthday of my husband – wrote Ariana on Instagram. To say that this year was heavy, it’s like they say “understatement of the year”. But I can honestly say that, as he passed these tests, deserves the most sincere respect. I know for sure that his mother would be proud of them. So, only remains to wish him all the very bright and may all wishes come true. I love you.”

      Fans and friends who continue to follow the life of Ariana through social networks, hastened to join in the congratulations and to Express positive emotions. “Happy birthday, Lev wrote in the comments sister Natalia Podolsky Julian. – Be healthy, happy and love! Let only joyful events accompany you. Aryasanga, and congratulations on your husband’s birthday! Be happy, guys!”

      It should be noted that Ariana’s producer Matvey Anichkin, who is also her father-in-law, back in 2013 promised fans the triumphant return of the singer to stardom. “Ariana really returns to the Russian stage, and already prepared brand new material. This is another Ariana, more grown-up music in a different key compared to the earlier Ariane”, – he wrote in the official community Ariana in “Vkontakte”. However, fans are waiting for new discoveries from singer to this day.

      Video posted by Ariana (@arianaofficial) Dec 21 2014 at 7:01 PST

      Meanwhile, it is known that Matvey Anichkin, is working closely with Vladimir Presnyakov’s son Nikita. By the way, in his time precisely because he became famous pop group “Tete-A-Tete”, one of whose participants was the husband of Ariana Leo Grachev.

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