Anabolika the wife of composer Alexey Malakhov had surgery

Онкобольная жена композитора Алексея Малахова перенесла операцию  The wife of a well-known figure of show-business Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Jasmine and Diana Gurtskaya, needed the help of doctors. A few hours before the intervention of specialists Alexey Malakhov asked friends to support their family.

On Wednesday, the star’s wife of composer Alexey Malakhov, working with Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov, suffered the intervention of doctors. 35-year-old Svetlana is suffering from a serious illness the woman was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Recently, the disease again made itself felt.

Malakhov is doing everything possible to help his wife through this difficult period. Before surgery, the composer turned to friends. “I ask everyone to just say, “All goes well, and healing Svetlana is already happening”. Thank you all,” said he in social networks. Several hours later, Alex shared the news about the health of women.

“The operation is over, all right. Blood loss was not. Waiting for awakening. I am grateful to all for your prayers, words, and financial support. Without you I would have not done anything”, – said Malakhov.

In his publication he said caring people who, apparently, helped him – Alla Pugacheva, Nikolai Baskov, Philip Kirkorov, Jasmine, Angelica, Julia Nachalova, of Prokhor Chaliapin, Sogdiana, and many others.

Previously, the composer had admitted he thought long and hard before publicly asking for help. Alex was ashamed to turn to friends for support. As a result, he wrote to Alla Borisovne, and Philip, and dialed Diana Gurtskaya. “And she said: “Alex is not ashamed to save a person, especially a loved one,” said leader of show business.

The Russian pop diva has responded quickly to a message colleagues. Now Alex is regularly in touch with Alla Borisovna. According to the composer, the singer promised all to help him, including financially, if the need arises. The same was said to other star friends Malakhov. “I am grateful and believe that with such support we will win!”– said Alexey.

That the composer’s wife needs treatment, it became known in early February. Alex organized a fundraiser for the couple. The man admitted that it is very hard to tell about the terrible diagnosis of his wife, but he sees no other way out of the situation. For the past five years, the couple concealed this information from the public. “No telling, I treated the Light in Kiev (she was doing the cyber-knife) and then when there was no improvement, I took her to the doctor in Rome. I remember how I by the hand led her up from the airport to the front Desk and said, “pretend that you’re okay,” and she went and fell” – shared Malakhov.