Anna Sedokova humiliated criticism of her work

Анну Седокову унизила критика ее творчества The singer got upset after reading reviews musical Explorer whose name she chose not to call. Reporters found that Anna Sedokova has not presented any memorable songs after leaving the group “VIA Gra”.
Анну Седокову унизила критика ее творчества

In November last year, Anna Sedokova issued a release “In the wild”, which became her third solo album. The album includes nine tracks with a duration of 48 minutes. The star herself writes the lyrics of their songs. According to Sedokova, she decided on an honest conversation with the fans.

Анну Седокову унизила критика ее творчества“It is not only good, contemporary music. It is also bold, daring, outspoken, and sharp lyrics, which I am very proud of,” said the singer.

After a few months in the microblog Sedokova published an article devoted to criticism of her work. The singer admitted that she was upset by the journalist, whose name she did not call.

“Recently, a musical critic on one music site called my Yearbook crap. Said I have to stop singing their songs and buy someone a hit. Something like the song “Sergei-Sergei, I love you too…”I’ve been upset, – has shared Anna. – You have no idea how often I say important uncle on the radio that you would like to sing something simpler, and more memorable. That’s when they probably would have put my song on the radio, and now, alas, not a hit. And “Heart in bandages” don’t hit… And “the universe” is also, it turns out. And I’m very upset right up to the moment I get onstage, and there’s a thousand people sing my hit in unison”.

Fans were quick to support Sedokova in the comments. In their opinion, not necessarily the artists to produce hits that will conquer the charts. “Your songs touch me deeply! To the heart filled with meaning, love, truth. Keep doing what you like and we”, “the Best critics are the fans”, “there are Always those who will say “sucks”, but for every such person there are several thousand lovers of your creativity”, “don’t listen to anyone”, “love your “negitive” tracks,” discussed page subscribers Anna in Instagram.

Recall that two days after the premiere of the album Sedokova “In the wild” took second place in the Russian iTunes. However, not all critics were pleased with the new work of the star. So, on one of the portals journalist Alexei smearing put “In the wild” three out of five stars. In his opinion, Anna Sedokova no hits, so the listeners don’t remember her songs. The smearing believes that since the “VIA gra” brunette and have not submitted a single hit. He advised Anna to find an author who would be able to help her solve this problem.

“Unfortunately, at the moment musical creativity Anna Sedokova is an excellent illustration of a bearded joke “you don’t sing, you go.” Up to what time it is, apparently, quite satisfied: the audience and without having enough reasons to follow the events of her life. But now Anna has developed a rapid recording operation, hinting that music is her main profession. If people began to sing or at least hear her songs, on a mission to return could be considered fulfilled. But Anna remember well, and her songs – not too much,” wrote the smearing.

In my review for portal InterMedia he also noted that the album Sedokova you can find two types of songs – lyrical and more “rhythmic, with elements of R’n’b”. According to the journalist, the voice of Anna turns the album into music for background listening.