Фельдшер скорой помощи оправдалась за смерть пациента на Камчатке The incident with the motorist does not give way, outraged users of social networks. At the end of last week, 21-year-old boy died in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky because of the fact that doctors do not have time for him to call. The doctors have come into conflict with other road users.

    Фельдшер скорой помощи оправдалась за смерть пациента на Камчатке

    At the end of last week, the wide resonance was caused by the case in Kamchatka. 30-year-old enthusiast and her husband refused to let in the yard the ambulance that was rushing to a call. According to information captured on video videoregistratore, it was evident that the driver entered into disputes with the passenger emerged from the car. According to eyewitnesses, the man, who was in an alcohol intoxication, behaved aggressively.

    The motorist, not propustila ambulance, provoked a major scandal on the Network

    In the program “live” appeared familiar to the young man who died in the house along the street Tsiolkovsky in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. According to relatives of the 21-year-old boy, he had a clot.

    To clarify the situation, the Studio invited a paramedic Hope Hunt, who worked that night on the ambulance. The woman said that initially during the call, their team of calling people don’t exactly have an address where the patient was. The doctors had to look for the right entrance for a few minutes. As admitted Hope, they had a special resuscitation equipment, which is very difficult to walk on snow to the entrance.

    “There was a split second, at first the man showed you where to go. And then he was about the ambulance car and behaved aggressively,” said the paramedic.

    According to the woman, she was scary when the opponent approached their vehicle. Besides, Hope was guided by the rule: “the ambulance should be as close as possible to the entrance”.

    According to the paramedic, she shouldn’t have been out of the car while I was on the road a threat. This is spelled out in the rules for employees of ambulance. According to program host, the aggressive passenger was a former employee of the police novel. Behind the wheel sat a woman named Juliana. Both the offender has removed all information about them from social networking.

    When the medics went to the apartment of the patient, he was already gone. They asked friends what had happened.

    “We ascertained biological death. I don’t know if we have time. Only the medical examiner can say it, and not to the exact minute,” said Hope.

    According to friends of the deceased, the conflict was really provoked by a passenger of a passenger car.