Viktor Sukhorukov was trying to feed a friend food for animals

Виктор Сухоруков пытался накормить подругу едой для животных A friend of the actor told how he tried to fool. Viktor Sukhorukov went on a desperate step to win an argument. Star of theatre and film spent a lot of time and effort to prove to a colleague that America is a great country.

      Виктор Сухоруков пытался накормить подругу едой для животных

      In his youth Viktor Sukhorukov hardly thought I would be famous. In the 80s came the alcohol he was fired from the theater, the actor had to lead a nomadic life, to take on any job – loader at the bakery, the dishwasher…

      January 19 on the Russian screens leaves a film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise”where Victor played one of the roles. The painting is recognized as one of the best at the Venice film festival, was included in the long list of awards “Oscar”. Perhaps to achieve such heights Suhorukova helped a great sense of humor, which has saved his life.

      “We met in the late’ 90s on the set of the film “About freaks and people” Alexey Balabanov, – says the actress Daria Jurgens “StarHit”. – At the first rehearsal, Victor flew up to me and loudly said, “Read the script, you have a beautiful role!” I looked at Sukhorukova, smiling like an idiot, and my head is spinning a question: “Where could see this bald?” Victor as if nothing had happened continued the conversation like an old friend. At the twentieth minute of the conversation I cracked, I have no idea how we know each other. He laughed, stretched out a hand and said, “I Forgot to introduce myself. Victor!” So it all started…

      Виктор Сухоруков пытался накормить подругу едой для животных

      A few years later we met again on the court at the same Balabanov, worked on the film “Brother-2”. The shooting took place in Chicago. For Victor it was his first trip abroad, and he was worried that I would forget your passport or tickets. A few hours before departure Victor’s been calling me and joyfully shouted into the phone: “Dashka, the trip will definitely take the hat. Will take her across the ocean, however, know that not wearing. But still let it be!”

      Clothes we took a bit wanted on the way back to bring more gifts for loved ones. We lived in the heart of Chicago in an ordinary residential building, where on the top floor there is a gym, Laundry and even a swimming pool. Balabanov held a security briefing – and told what areas of crime where even should not meddle.

      Виктор Сухоруков пытался накормить подругу едой для животных

      Tonight, Victor and I went for a walk on Michigan Avenue. Americans celebrated Halloween. Almost all the people on the streets were disguised in witches, monsters and all other evil spirits. From what I have seen Sukhorukov was delighted: “Dasha, we’re in the capital will never be. You see, some devils around, some hell! And the skyscrapers as glowing. Just look, what beauty around you! America the beautiful, it has everything!” The last sentence cut me ear. I’m skeptical and wary of such statements. Therefore immediately rebuked: “And I bet that not all are Americans? For example, in Chicago you will not find buckwheat!” Viti immediately eyes shone like a March cat, and he offered a dispute: if I lose, I have to admit that America is a great country, if I win, he cooks a whole pot of meatballs and bake sweet rolls. Shook hands and went different directions. I went to the apartment, and Vic went to look for the ill-fated rump in the city, which almost didn’t.

      Виктор Сухоруков пытался накормить подругу едой для животных

      During his absence I managed Sukhorukov and go in the shower and a role to rehearse. When I realized that not wait, went to bed. In the morning I was awakened by a joyful cry: “Dasha, get up, I found her!” He opened his sleepy eyes, saw in front of me, sitting on the bed Victor, and in his hand a package of buckwheat.

      Turns out he came to the outskirts of the city, down in some basement tracked down the shop for the poor. A long walk around the rows of shelves. Was desperate until I saw in the corner two dirty bag, came closer and realized: here it is, the native buckwheat.A bet is a bet, I had promised to recite the phrase “America is a great country! I admit it!”
      Виктор Сухоруков пытался накормить подругу едой для животных

      To sleep we no longer wanted, and shooting had to leave soon. Decided not to waste the buckwheat, cook together and eat. Found in the kitchen pot, began to cook porridge. And Vic was quiet, sitting on a chair, about something thinks. Spread buckwheat on plates, Suhorukova did most of the male portion. And he doesn’t even.

      Ask him: “you know, something happened?” He flushed and admitted that the chief did not say on the bag said that the barley for the pigs! I immediately pushed his plate away and laughed. Sukhorukov, too, laughed. And then, wiping tears, said: “you’re Walking funny, Sukhorukov!”