Poprawiajace Irina Agibalova afraid to go out

Поправившаяся Ирина Агибалова боится выходить в свет The woman gained extra pounds, so planning to go on a diet to lose weight in the spring. Irina Agibalova openly admitted that the beginning to get a complex due to the loss of the old form. Members ex-member of telestroke supported her marathon harmony.

      New year’s day is the daily feasts with tasty and nutritious dishes. When they finish, many strenuously to lose weight to lose extra kilos after eating the Olivier salad, herring under a fur coat and mouth-watering cakes. Was no exception and Irina Agibalova, which every New year happy loved ones a very special culinary delights. The former participant “Houses-2” has admitted to having made a remarkable recovery. So Agibalova even began to fear public events.

      “There are very few old New Year. From the 16th of January I go on a diet, and that scared already to go – so recovered. If you can’t do… No! Do it! I believe in myself and your support!” – said Irina, adding that going to illuminate the details of his arduous marathon of harmony in social networks.

      Members supported Agibalova and wrote that they decided to go on a diet. “After the holidays, got better, and that’s OK, Spring is not far off, you need to maintain appetite”, “lose Weight let’s stay together”, “for the second day on the diet, just reduce the amount of food and do exercises,” wrote those who follow the publications of Irene.

      The woman also wrote that it makes no sense to start a diet before January 16, because there is again the holidays. Agibalova admitted that he feared the disruption of the old New year.

      “I want to do a three-month marathon. How it goes – I don’t know, but it would be nice, no doubt. Who’s with me?” – with these words, Irina appealed to the subscribers

      Recall that the former member of popular reality show regularly sits on various diets. In recognition Agibalova, her weight started to increase after 40 years and reached the level of 106 kg when she came to the “House-2”. Since then, Irina has tried many methods of weight loss including fitness and even special pills. The result Agibalova decided to resort to gastric banding.

      Due to the fact that Irene is constantly tested on different methods of dropping excess weight it became a real expert in this matter. Subscribers Agibalova say that woman looks amazing and can give odds to many young women. It is worth noting that the star of telestroke also often makes cosmetic procedures to keep in shape.