Эми Шумер о заболевании мужа и беременности

Ahead of the show “Growth” (Growing), which on Tuesday will show on Netflix, Amy Schumer starred in a candid photo shoot and gave an interview to the New York Times, which talked about pregnancy, disease husband month. An interview was no less revealing than a photo shoot where the actress naked ran across the field and was covered only with grass.

Эми Шумер о заболевании мужа и беременности

The actress spoke about Chris Fisher who suffer from autism spectrum disorder. “From the beginning I knew that my husband’s brain is slightly different from mine. I really wanted to understand everything about this diagnosis because I love him. My husband was diagnosed, which previously sounded like Asperger’s syndrome. He has autism spectrum disorder”.

“After he was diagnosed, it hit me: it’s funny that all those signs that make it clear that he was sick, those are the reasons I fell madly in love with him. It’s true! He says whatever’s on his mind. He doesn’t care about social norms or what you expect from him,” says Schumer.

“I think there are two reasons to get down on one knee if you are a guy, or you are a player of the National football League of the USA, or are you going to eat my pussy.”

Эми Шумер о заболевании мужа и беременности
“If I ask him: “How do I look? This looks like shit?”, he might reply, “Yes. You have a lot other clothes, why don’t you wear this?” But he, like anyone else, can make me feel the most beautiful in the world. And he would never lie! Is it not a man dream?!”

About life before the wedding, Amy recalls with humor and irony. “All married. I was the last one. I think I’ll never have to be a bridesmaid. When you’re over thirty, this is just no good”.

Also the actress spoke about her pregnancy. “Here’s the thing: you’re pregnant, but you can’t change yourself. I hate women who begin running with him as with a written sack. During pregnancy you don’t stop being me. You never cease to work or drink, for example.”

Pregnancy was given to the Sumer difficult, because she suffers from hyperemesis. the disease is a complex form of early toxemia, which is accompanied by constant vomiting, malaise. According to statistics, this disease suffer 1 percent of pregnant women. Schumer was already hospitalized 4 times! “Ever since I got pregnant, by my conservative estimate, I vomited 980 times. Last Monday night, when I was riding in the passenger seat of the SUV. He just pointed me in the backseat. The watching of the road, he calmly handed me the bag, I lowered my face and uttered a terrible sound and spat out the pieces of shrimp and grits. “It smells bad,” he said. “You want me to come?” — I asked. The car stopped, I got out, and then threw me again in front of the Church, the husband threw the bag in a metal trash can, and again we began to joke about it.”

Time to speak frankly, Amy decided to touch upon the topic of menstruation. “Girls have to feel embarrassed when they first begin menstruating, but for boys this age is the most embarrassing thing — unwanted erection. Then they grow up and show it to everyone! Maybe we should take example from them — maybe that’s what we have to do.”

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