Эмилия Кларк об «Игре Престолов»: «Прощаться непросто»

In anticipation of the final season of “Game of Thrones”, which is waiting for millions of fans, the actors who played key roles, appear on talk shows, covers and in interviews. The presenters and interviewers trying to talk to the stars, to those at least slightly lifted the curtain on the series finale! Those are not break up and kept a “stiff upper lip”, but eager to talk about pleasant memories and lessons that have been taught by the difficult filming of the cult TV series!

Эмилия Кларк об «Игре Престолов»: «Прощаться непросто»

32-year-old Emilia Clarke, who starred in the TV series the white-haired Daenerys “Mother of dragons”, graced the cover of Australian Elle and talked about the experience which was got during the filming. To say goodbye to a series is not easy. Actress for a long time can not get rid of the image of the Mother of Dragons. “To say goodbye to “Game of thrones” is not easy. The shooting was the experience that changed my life. If you leave home to begin an independent life. Happy new adventures to come, but the heart is the fact that many had to leave behind. I was 24 when I started acting in the TV series. Work on it took most of my adult life,” said Emilia.

Эмилия Кларк об «Игре Престолов»: «Прощаться непросто»
Shooting of “Game of Thrones” has lasted long enough and left on each character their mark. As a reminder of the wonderful time Emilia made a tutu for your wrist in the form of three dragons. Just devote drawing on your body, which will remain on the body forever, the actress could not! From tattoo there is a second meaning: “When we finished filming “Game of thrones” on my wrist were three dragons, so I will never forget what it owes to this series. They remind me of my mom, dad and brother. It is important for me as I lost my father two years ago. Very hard. The tattoo means that I want my family was with me all the time,” said Clark.

Spoilers: Many fans of the Game of Thrones, read the books and those who love theory, initially knew about the love affair of the heroine Emilia Clarke and kit Harrington. To the actors themselves love scene was not easy, what both said in a special video from HBO. The video showed behind the scenes footage, Harrington and Clark told about such a special experience in the series and the filming together. Those who watched the 7th season of Game of thrones, you know that the character is Emilia Clarke the Mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen has family ties with the bastard Jon snow, so their love affair in the series is incest. The actors reacted ambiguously to such a scene and couldn’t even muster up the energy to shoot there.

“When half the season was over, all knew that the inevitable sex scene of Jon and Daenerys,” said 30-year-old Harrington sitting in her stage performance before the cameras of HBO.

30-year-old Clark responded a little differently and admitted that as an actor, it was “just weird”.

Of course, the actors were disgusted to realize that they are characters in a series of Ice and fire by George R. R. Martin are related to one another. “I think they both realize that this is all wrong,” added Harrington. “I think they both understand that this will lead to further problems. But this is the case when you have such deep feelings for a man and walk with him so much, it’s like a high speed train running past you.”

“You can’t stop what will happen.”

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